Businesses and governments need access to reliable sources of water. Engineering, environmental, regulatory, and political issues each contribute to uncertainties that affect how water supplies are developed and managed.

Geosyntec helps clients understand and improve the reliability and resiliency of their water supply. We do this through a diverse range of capabilities including:

  • Water Supply Assessment and Planning​
  • Water Quality and Source Water Protection
  • Engineering Design
  • Watershed and Environmental Analysis
  • Computational Modeling
  • Regulatory Compliance and Water Rights

Water Supply Assessment and Planning

We have conducted surface water and groundwater supply assessments across a variety of geographic settings, regulatory environments, and supply needs. Our analyses range from comprehensive basin-scale evaluations of water supply to site specific analysis of individual jurisdictions or facilities.  We provide a comprehensive understanding of both the challenges and opportunities associated with surface water diversions, groundwater extraction, the interaction of groundwater and surface water, and the integration of multiple supply types in a supply portfolio, including supply and demand management, water conservation and efficiency improvements. Additionally, Geosyntec is a leading provider of climate and climate change analyses and the impacts a changing climate may have on resource management

Water Quality and Source Water Protection

Our water resources engineers, water quality specialists, hydraulic specialists, floodplain managers, hydrogeologists, and economic analysts provide progressive solutions that address multiple challenges associated with the planning, design, and implementation of complex water quality and source water programs and projects.  Our work can help address point and non-point contaminant sources, including microbiological parameters, to design structural and non-structural solutions to water quality protection of water supply.  We are also leaders in stormwater capture as a water resource and associated stormwater quality best-management practices (BMPs), including development of one of the first comprehensive stormwater master plans for the Los Angeles Basin. 

Engineering Design

We design production wells, diversion facilities, piping systems, groundwater recharge facilities, water treatment systems, and instrumentation networks to provide consistent water delivery for communities and industrial purposes. We are pioneers in the application of smart technology to monitor and operate water measurement systems including OPTI technology.  We are specialists in designing targeted treatment approaches for unique water quality requirements surrounding contaminant removal, and blending analysis.

Watershed and Environmental Analysis

Our water resource specialists work in integrated teams that include geomorphologists, ecologists, and fishery management specialists to provide a thorough understanding of natural and urban stream systems and potential influences on ecosystem performance.

Computational Modeling

As a core discipline, our modeling specialists can address a multitude of focused and integrated approaches to numerical modeling of both natural and urban watersheds, aquifer systems, reservoir water quality, and distribution system performance. We apply both public domain and proprietary modeling platforms that help our clients evaluate development and management scenarios, potential impacts or benefits of projects or programs, and approaches to optimizing the operation of existing water supply systems.

Regulatory Compliance and Water Rights

Our staff are experienced in Safe Drinking Water Act compliance, water rights, and have helped clients address a variety of state water resources management requirements, such as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in California.   We link the underlying regulatory and legal frameworks with multidisciplinary hydrologic and ecological analyses that identify opportunities for clients to expedite approvals and address core legal and institutional issues.

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