Solar and wind energy continue to grow at exponential rates as more and more companies choose renewable energy to power the future. A transition to renewable energy is key in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to reach renewable and carbon reduction goals.

Expanding on our long-standing experience with the technical and regulatory challenges associated with complex projects, Geosyntec provides utilities, developers, commercial, industrial, municipalities and agencies expertise in the permitting, engineering and implementation of renewable energy and storage projects.

For battery energy storage facilities, solar, onshore and offshore wind, our planning and permitting staff work closely with regulatory agencies to arrive at successful permitting outcomes for our clients. Our scientists and engineers bring extensive experience in geotechnical engineering for installation of solar energy on landfill caps and brownfield sites, corrective action design and implementation for erosion and stabilization issues for greenfield solar energy facilities, and to support offshore wind and infrastructure projects. We help our clients evaluate creative solutions to renewable energy integration.

To help our clients incorporate renewable energy into their future, Geosyntec offers the following start to finish services:

Transactional Support

Geosyntec provides early stage due diligence support for new projects and supports financial transactions for projects already in development, construction or operations. We provide Environmental Health and Safety professionals to review site construction and operation practices and conduct Environmental Site Assessments to inform buyers of environmental issues, risks and liabilities.

Feasibility Studies

Geosyntec assists clients that are looking to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating various renewable energy technologies on client owned or operated lands. We evaluate the siting and viability of renewables by conducting screening level assessments of solar, wind and other renewable technologies for both behind the meter and grid-tied applications. We have supported some of our waste management, oil and gas, mining, and natural gas storage clients in evaluating the most promising economic and technical renewable energy options to be advanced for implementation on sites such as landfill caps, mine waste piles and other previously developed or undeveloped excess lands.

Siting Planning and Permitting

We are planners and permitting professionals to the renewable energy industry, supporting the siting and development of projects and associated infrastructure. Our strong relationships with regulatory agencies promote complete and data driven permit applications and agency acceptance. Our permitting professionals are specialists in wetland delineations, coastal and inland environments, sensitive species surveys and monitoring, and in other environmental. We provide NEPA/SEPA/CEQA documentation.

Engineering and Geotechnical

Geosyntec has a strong reputation in geotechnical studies and engineering, hydrology and drainage studies, civil grading and drainage design.  When projects ran into difficulties when others may not have taken factors into account during the original design phase, we have designed and implemented corrective actions to address erosion and sediment control issues. Our expertise with brownfield redevelopment and solar installations on landfill caps is longstanding and supports more recent renewable energy innovations such as battery energy storage facilities. In the offshore environment, our geotechnical studies have supported turbine foundation design and cable route studies.

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