West Fork of the Hoquiam Dam Removal and Water Supply Source Replacement
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Project Objective

The City of Hoquiam, Washington, constructed a concrete dam on the West Fork of the Hoquiam River in 1956 to supply drinking water to its residents and is now working to remove this aging dam, restore the stream, and develop an alternative drinking-water source. In conjunction with dam removal, the City plans to replace the surface water intake with groundwater wells to improve the water supply and water quality. Removal of the dam will restore natural alluvial processes and improve streamflows, benefiting native fish species including salmon, which are experiencing dramatic declines. Additionally, this project will remove the necessity of dealing with aging infrastructure while providing the City with a more reliable water supply.

Geosyntec’s Scope of Services

Aspect, a Geosyntec Company, began working on this project in 2021 and, as of March 2023, is now supporting the City’s grant applications. In addition to successfully securing funding, our team provided technical services like locating potential groundwater wellfields, installing small-diameter test monitoring wells, and performing a small-scale aquifer test at the preferred site. We prepared necessary documents, including water rights documents related to the source alternative and environmental permits related to dam removal. We continue to support the City by preparing grant applications at the state and federal levels for $10.7M for final permitting, design, and construction of dam removal, as well as for river restoration, construction of the alternative water source, and updates to the water treatment plant.

Notable Accomplishments

Practitioners from Aspect prepared a successful grant application through NOAA’s Fish Passage through Barrier Removal grant program for $1.2M, which funded our work under this project. Our team is slated to work on the design, construction management, and permitting of the final phase of this project. When complete, this project will diversify and increase the City’s water resources, and improve aging infrastructure while restoring the stream and benefiting native fish species.

Quick Qual

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Project Summary

  • Location: Hoquiam, Washington
  • Client: City of Hoquiam
  • Project Practice Areas: Water and Natural Resources
  • Services Provided: Engineering and Design; Environmental Permitting; Hydrogeology; Geotechnical; Water Rights; Grant Writing