Comprehensive Environmental Management Support for River Birch Landfill
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Geosyntec has provided comprehensive environmental compliance and other consulting services to River Birch since 2017.

River Birch, LLC (River Birch) owns and operates a Subtitle D landfill, a construction and debris (C&D) landfill, two Class I nonhazardous injection wells, and a high-BTU landfill gas (LFG) treatment plant in Avondale, Louisiana. The Subtitle D landfill became operational in 1999 and accepts primarily household, commercial, and industrial waste. In 2006, the Class I nonhazardous injection wells were brought online. River Birch is considered a leader in implementing technology and landfill management to maximize LFG production.

Air Quality Services

Geosyntec provides air quality services including permitting and compliance assistance, greenhouse gas quantification and reporting, regulatory evaluations, and ongoing as-needed support. We recently helped River Birch apply for a Title V permit modification to expand the facility’s high-BTU LFG treatment plant; this work necessitated negotiations with the state agency. To meet the project schedule, Geosyntec successfully obtained authorization to begin construction ahead of permit issuance. Geosyntec also provides ongoing air compliance support, preparing Title V semiannual reports, annual greenhouse gas reports required by USEPA’s Mandatory Reporting Rule, annual emissions inventories, and Title V annual compliance certifications. In addition, Geosyntec practitioners support environmental health and safety (EHS) personnel by reviewing facility compliance plans, interpreting regulatory impacts of planned facility changes, reporting and resolving compliance issues, and responding to inquiries from the state agency.

Waste Management Services

Geosyntec’s technical experts review incoming waste-stream profiles for the Subtitle D landfill, C&D landfill, and Class I nonhazardous injection wells. Geosyntec works closely with site personnel to educate staff on applicable regulations, the facility’s permit, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) well orders regarding acceptable waste streams, well compatibility, and the importance of a properly completed waste generator profile. Additionally, Geosyntec helps characterize waste generated by the high-BTU LFG treatment plant and by the treatment system for the Class I nonhazardous injection wells. Geosyntec has prepared permit modification requests for approval of additional waste streams for both the landfill and injection wells; this work included generating waste acceptance procedures and negotiating with state agencies. We helped the client revise the operations manual for the injection well, including streamlining procedures and making recommendations on operations and equipment at the injection well and onsite laboratory.

Water Quality Services

Geosyntec provides ongoing compliance assistance with permits and regulatory requirements of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the Louisiana Pollutant Elimination System (LPDES) permits for the Subtitle D and C&D landfills. To assist with meeting permit limits, Geosyntec conducted an evaluation of the Subtitle D landfill’s onsite oxidation ponds, various pretreatment options, and rerouting of discharges to an alternate receiving stream. We also supported LPDES permit reporting and regulatory compliance. Geosyntec has prepared numerous permit modification requests and acted as the liaison with the state agency. Additionally, Geosyntec revised the facility’s stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plan (SPCC).

Notable Accomplishments

With Geosyntec’s ongoing support, River Birch has successfully navigated regulatory requirements and interacted productively with multiple agencies. Our support has allowed River Birch to focus on leading their industry in technology and landfill management innovations.

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Project Summary

  • Location: Avondale, Louisiana
  • Client: River Birch, LLC
  • Project Practice Areas: Water & Wastewater, Waste Management, Environmental Management, Civil Sites, Air Quality
  • Services Provided: Air Quality Services; State and Federal Environmental Permitting; Compliance Assistance; Waste Management Services; Water Quality Services