Spring Water Production Services for Nestlé Waters North America
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Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) is the largest bottler of spring water in the United States and distributor of 15 of the country's best-known bottled water brands. Geosyntec provides engineering services at the spring sources and bottling facilities of Zephyrhills Brand and Deer Park Brand Natural Spring Water.

Geosyntec's Scope of Services

NWNA selected Geosyntec as their primary water resources contractor in Florida to ensure the sustainable yields of the natural groundwater system. Geosyntec provided comprehensive services including hydrologic studies to determine a spring's safe yield, capture zone analysis, and evaluation of nearby water supplies. We have also provided design, construction oversight, and permitting services for installation of production wells at a number of Florida locations. During installation, we monitored the water quality parameters in order to ensure the geochemistry of the production water meets the strict standards of quality set by NWNA.

For these sites, we also prepared a Standard of Identity Report (SOI), required by the United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) to approve the wells for production of spring water for bottling. This report exhibits that the production well is connected hydraulically to the spring and also shares identical water chemistry with the spring. Geosyntec was instrumental in obtaining approval in all states where approval was sought. At these sources, Geosyntec currently performs sampling and reporting requirements identified by the permit which includes groundwater sampling and water quality and level reporting for quality and safe withdrawal practices.

Notable Accomplishments

Geosyntec used traditional and innovative applications of proven scientific technologies for production well design, construction oversight, and permitting to allow NWNA to manage effectively their spring resources for sustainability, thereby supporting NWNA's commitment to keeping the springs renewable through scientific measures.

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Project Summary

  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Client: Nestlé Waters North America
  • Project Practice Areas: Water and Natural Resources
  • Type of Facility: Potable Water Supply
  • Services Provided: Aquifer Test Design; Implementation, and Analysis; Well Design and Installation for Production and Monitoring; Permitting and Permit Compliance Assistance; Geophysical Well Logging; Source Water Protection Analysis
  • Type of Work: Production Well Design and Permitting
  • Governing Regulation: Federal and Local