City of Los Angeles Low Impact Development Manual
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With the adoption of new Stormwater Low Impact Development (LID) Ordinance by the City of Los Angeles, stormwater mitigation is required for a much larger number of development and redevelopment projects in the City.

Prior to the implementation of the LID Ordinance, the City, through the Standard Urban Storm Water Mitigation Plan (SUSMP) program, required specific development and redevelopment categories to incorporate best management practices BMPs. The stormwater LID Ordinance expanded these categories to additional development and redevelopment projects that add more than 500 square feet of impervious area.

Geosyntec's Scope of Services

The LID Handbook includes prescriptive guidance designed for homeowners and contractors for the implementation of LID measures for residential development and redevelopment projects ranging from 500 sq. ft. to up to 4 units. For the remaining project categories, detailed design guidance for infiltration, capture and use, and biofiltration BMPs were developed. The document addresses the infeasibility of implementing infiltration and capture and use BMPs that incorporates the already established City infeasibility criteria as well others, such as the Ventura Technical Guidance Document, also developed by Geosyntec. Geosyntec also developed a constraints map showing the infiltration feasibility criteria on a map of the City.

For residential development and redevelopment projects ranging from 500 sq. ft. to up to 4 units, Geosyntec developed user-friendly, single-page BMP factsheets to help all homeowners and small-scale contractors implement effective yet simple stormwater measures.

All elements were incorporated into a single handbook which was presented to stakeholders and adopted with the City Ordinance.

Notable Accomplishments

Geosyntec prepared a state-of-the-art LID manual for the City of LA to implement for all forthcoming development/redevelopment projects greater than 500 sq. ft. This manual was designed to help the City reduce stormwater runoff while improving water quality, increase groundwater recharge, reduce erosion and downstream hydrologic impacts, and enhance the recreational and aesthetic values in communities throughout the City.

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Project Summary

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Client: City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation; CDM
  • Project Practice Areas: Water & Wastewater, Environmental Management, Water and Natural Resources
  • Type of Facility: LID manual
  • Services Provided: LID BMP Design Guidance, BMP Implementation Criteria Screening, Constraints Mapping, Technical Writing and Handbook Development
  • Type of Work: BMP design guidance
  • Governing Regulation: State and local