Energy Water Company Management System Support
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An energy and water company is actively acquiring other companies and needed to assess its own environmental health and safety (EHS) management system (MS) and work to incorporate recently acquired facilities into their system.

Geosyntec was retained to work with the corporate and field teams to assess the current programs and identify opportunities. The work grew into other efforts in order to better integrate newly acquired operations and develop an EHS data system.

Geosyntec's Scope of Services

  • Conducting a EHS MS review with the EHS and operations teams;
  • Developing a gap analysis and plan of action;
  • Assisting with implementation of an EHS MS that conforms to the applicable EHS regulatory requirements and ISO Standards of 14001 and 45001;
  • Assisting with developing EHS programs and training materials;
  • Supporting in the development of an enterprise management information system for EHS data; and
  • Developing a field compliance strategy to better manage compliance in the field around health, safety and environment.
  • Notable Accomplishments

    Geosyntec was able to quickly support the client in understanding how to develop a "fit for purpose" EHS MS and associated programs. The company has many unique challenges associated with the business and continued growth. We continue to support them in developing systems that ultimately allow them to become self-sufficient in managing their EHS programs.

Quick Qual

Quick Qual
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Project Summary

  • Location: Multi-state effort
  • Client: Energy Water Company
  • Project Practice Areas: Environmental Management
  • Type of Facility: Energy water company
  • Services Provided: EHS MS gap assessment, EHS MS program review and development, Incorporating acquired facilities into system, EHS MS consulting services, EHS management information system
  • Type of Work: Management system consulting
  • Governing Regulation: ISO 14001 and 45001