San Gabriel Valley Groundwater Project Intermediate Zone Interim Remedy
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The Main San Gabriel Basin has been the subject of environmental investigation since 1979 when volatile organic compounds were first detected in groundwater.

San Gabriel Valley Groundwater Project is one of four broad areas within the Main San Gabriel Basin identified on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) National Priorities List. As one of the responsible parties for San Gabriel Valley Groundwater Project, a Fortune 500 aerospace client is planning to construct a potable end-use treatment system to mitigate groundwater impacts. The aerospace client has installed six groundwater extraction wells and is in the process of installing a seventh groundwater extraction well. The extracted groundwater will be conveyed via dedicated pipelines to a three million gallon per day treatment plant, designed on a two-acre property in the City of Industry, California. The San Gabriel Valley Groundwater Project treatment plant will provide a reliable source of much needed drinking water for the La Puente Valley community.

Among the many local, state and federal permitting requirements associated with this project, design and operation of the San Gabriel Valley Groundwater Project treatment system requires permitting under the California Division of Drinking Water's (DDW) 97-005 Policy due to the potable water end-use. In the San Gabriel Basin, groundwater is adjudicated and intensely managed. As such, approval by the Watermaster and various other stakeholders and agencies is critical; therefore, providing a sense of confidence and developing strong working relationships with these parties is imperative.

With numerous contractors and multiple remedies, The aerospace client needed a whole-package partner, not just another task-specific consultant. Geosyntec has worked closely with the aerospace client to develop and implement a project strategy that meets agency requirements while addressing stakeholder interests and concerns. As the supervising contractor and lead technical and design firm, Geosyntec's responsibilities include:

  • Responding to statements of work under the Consent Decree and Unilateral Administrative Order and providing multi-faceted services for the implementation of the remedies under an Interim Record of Decision;
  • Coordinating communications among contractors, stakeholders, client teams, and legal representation;
  • Leading development of the groundwater model to support remedy design, including assessment of well location and extraction rates;
  • Providing full scope design (civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and process) of the extraction and treatment system, which includes:
    • One new 200 feet deep groundwater extraction well;
    • Over 12,000 feet of pipeline for conveying untreated groundwater, treated drinking water, and wastewater discharge; and
    • A 2,000 gallon per minute multi-stage treatment process including granular activated carbon, ion exchange, advanced oxidation (ultraviolet and hydrogen peroxide), and reverse osmosis systems, as well as a decarbonator/scrubber, clear well, water/wastewater storage tanks, booster pumps, chemical feed systems, operations buildings, and other ancillary components.
  • Performing and overseeing site investigations, including geotechnical investigations and remediation of contaminated soils at the treatment plant site and surveying/potholing pipeline alignments;
  • Designing and implementing a pilot test of in situ chemical oxidation with electrokinetically-delivered, thermally-activated persulfate (EK-TAPTM), an innovative remediation technology for cleanup;
  • Negotiating, preparing and assisting with processing of easements, access agreements and permit applications with multiple stakeholders and authorizing agencies, including Cities of Industry and La Puente, DDW, Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Los Angeles (LA) County Sanitation District, LA County Department of Public Health, LA County Flood Control, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Federal Aviation Administration, Union Pacific Railroad, and a commercial property owner;
  • Preparing bid documents and procurement packages and assisting the aerospace client in corresponding and contracting with construction contractors and equipment manufacturers; and
  • Performing construction oversight of conveyance pipeline installations, including open trench and horizontal direction drilling.

Geosyntec's involvement in this project has had a positive effect on the working relationship between USEPA and the Fortune 500 aerospace client. By helping the client achieve complex technical objectives, Geosyntec has facilitated a rapid response to changing conditions within a demanding regulatory environment. Geosyntec has effectively integrated multiple remedies into an overall PVOU strategy for the aerospace client, with consideration and incorporation of the aerospace client's business and strategic interests. Geosyntec has reduced business risk by providing ongoing change management to minimize schedule impacts and associated cost increases and by defining opportunities for improved control and engineering applications. Geosyntec negotiated agency variances anticipated to result in substantial capital cost savings for the aerospace client. Geosyntec has met the aerospace client's expectations by accommodating a reduced design schedule imposed by USEPA. In addition, Geosyntec has led for the aerospace client's remedy design, permitting, bid review and equipment procurement, as well as the construction oversight of components of the remedy (i.e., pipeline sections) designed and installed in advance of the remainder of the remedy to accommodate the cities' short term street improvement plans.

In short, Geosyntec prioritizes the client's strategic and business interests, reduces their risk, and minimizes schedule and cost impacts through our project delivery experience, technical acumen, and well-respected regulatory and stakeholder advocacy.

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Project Summary

  • Location: San Gabriel Valley, California
  • Client: Fortune 500 aerospace client
  • Project Practice Areas: Water & Wastewater
  • Type of Facility: Gabriel Valley Groundwater Project
  • Services Provided: Strategy Development; Regulatory Interaction and Support; Numerical Modeling; Treatability Studies; Geotechnical Investigations; Engineering Management and Design; Permitting Support; Contracting, Bidding and Procurement Support; Supervising Contractors; Construction Oversight
  • Type of Work: Drinking Water Treatment
  • Governing Regulation: Federal and Local