Wastewater Treatment Expansion
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Geosyntec's client required technical support during the wastewater treatment system upgrade design process associated with an expansion of their facility in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. The client was also required to meet strict new wastewater effluent nutrient limits and disinfection so that wastewater may be discharged to the Assiniboine River.

The production expansion increased the overall capacity of the facility by more than two-fold, which required a fast-track wastewater treatment system upgrade design. Upgrades to the treatment system included expansion of the existing pretreatment system: specifically mud removal, oil and grease wastewater treatment and screening, and addition of a biological nutrient removal system downstream of the existing anaerobic digester. The client chose a design-build approach due to the short timeline of the project. Geosyntec provided support to develop a representative design basis, prepare a request for proposal (RFP), evaluate bids received, and evaluate the successful contractor's treatment system design. Several small engineering tasks were also included in Geosyntec's scope, including evaluation of a sanitary lift station. Geosyntec is currently evaluating the final effluent discharge force main.

Geosyntec's scope of work included an evaluation of historical wastewater data and data from other client facilities to develop a wastewater design basis for the various wastewater streams from the expanded production facility. The design basis and information on the existing treatment equipment was compiled and summarized in an RFP, which was provided to the design-build bidders. The RFP defined the limits of supply, coordination points, start-up, commissioning and testing requirements, codes and standards, and the client's design standards. The RFP was prepared over the course of three weeks to support the client's fast track project needs.

Once bids were received, Geosyntec was a member of the team evaluating the technical merits of the proposed treatment systems against the scope outlined in the RFP and participated in bidder interviews. Upon selection of the successful bidder, Geosyntec continues to review the contractors technical design details and provide feedback and analysis to the client on scope of supply, technical design, and associated costs.

Geosyntec also completed engineering evaluations and provided recommendations for a number of smaller scopes of work for the client. Geosyntec evaluated an existing sanitary lift station and developed a series of equipment recommendations to avoid replacement of the lift station wet well and associated yard piping. Geosyntec also continues to support the investigation of the final effluent discharge force main capacity and equipment status.

Geosyntec's longstanding relationship with the facility allowed the client to complete the bidding process on a fast track and use Geosyntec's experience with food processing to improve treatment system designs. Geosyntec also identified a number of areas where the contractor's proposed approach to pretreatment would pose long term operational challenges for the facility and supported the development and review of design alternatives.

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Project Summary

  • Location: Manitoba, Canada
  • Client: Simplot Canada (II) Limited
  • Project Practice Areas: Water & Wastewater
  • Type of Facility: Food Processing Facility
  • Services Provided: Develop design basis for wastewater upgrades; Prepare design-build RFP on client's behalf and evaluate bids received; Review process and engineering design details related to new and existing equipment; Provide technical input on treatment system upgrades
  • Type of Work: Wastewater Treatment Expansion
  • Governing Regulation: Ontario Ministry of the Environment