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Bolivar Dam Seepage Barrier Wall Construction Data Management
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Geosyntec acted as the Data Manager of Record for this barrier wall installation. Work included maintaining a geospatial database to compile all project data. Modules included tools to automatically analyse verticality and overlap of excavations from Koden data and generate USACE-approved reports verifying construction.

Bolivar Dam on Sandy Creek of the Tuscarawas River in Bolivar, Ohio is a dry dam consisting of two levees within the Bolivar Dam reservoir.

The owner of the dam, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), identified the need for a barrier wall to address seepage that is negatively affecting the structural stability of the dam, resulting in increased risks to the downstream public.

Treviicos South (the contractor) was retained by USACE's Huntington District to install the 600,000 square foot barrier wall. Geosyntec was retained by the contractor to handle the data management aspect of the project. The owner and contractor both required data management tools that proved the data they produced met barrier wall specifications. The tools needed to quickly and efficiently submit the contractor data and interpret the data to facilitate correcting construction were necessary. Submittal of these data is on the critical path to backfilling of the seepage barrier panels. Geosyntec"s data management services included providing, a) a secure FTP site used for submittals and data transfer; b) a database accessible "live" to USACE; c) a website with data input and reporting tools; d) online and offline mapping tools; e) a gINT database; and f) a data management plan. Geosyntec"s data management tools allowed USACE access to the data produced by the contractor quickly, transparently, and in a format that facilitated understanding and provided a visualization of the data, confirming a successful design.

Geosyntec provided a product that allowed efficient, transparent management of information generated during the construction in real time. The data management tools will provide USACE with a long-term living document of the project with a historical accounting of the original project construction and dam modification for use by both design engineers and operations staff for years to come.

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Project Summary

  • Location: Bolivar, Ohio
  • Client: Treviicos South
  • Project Practice Areas: Civil Sites
  • Type of Facility: Dam
  • Services Provided: Data Management Plan; Secure FTP site; Web and Desktop Mapping tools; gINT database; Verticality Analysis and Reporting Data Input and Validation Tools
  • Type of Work: Data Management tools, Dam Rehabilitation
  • Governing Regulation: USACE