Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation - “WallTracker”
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Geosyntec developed the WallTracker system to allow USACE and the Contractor immediate and interactive access to field and laboratory data collected during a large-scale diaphragm-wall installation.

The Herbert Hoover Dike (HHD) rehabilitation project is designed to stabilize and secure the aging dike from potentially damaging severe weather events, and protect the numerous residents and businesses on the southeastern rim of Lake Okeechobee.

The Jacksonville District selected Bauer Foundation Corp. (BFC) to construct a three-mile segment of the planned cutoff wall that runs vertically from the dike crest to a depth of 70 feet in certain locations.  The challenge of compiling and viewing the large quantity and diversity of data collected for this project requires an innovative solution. BFC selected Geosyntec to construct a method by which BFC and its client, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), can view the data as it is collected, and interactively look up values and generate reports in an efficient manner.

To address this challenge, Geosyntec developed "Wall Tracker", a database and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Application based on a Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, and ESRI ArcGIS platform. WallTracker allows HHD data to be viewed in plan and cross-sectional views. Data accessible in the application include: construction quality assurance metrics, pre-drill and panel dimensions, slurry composition data, and downhole imagery. Users can navigate around these views, select data to be visualized, and access data at a given location through mouse clicks. Project managers can approve and annotate data, and automatically send the results of their review to the enterprise database for viewing by other users. Laboratory reports can also be accessed directly from the laboratory's website through clicking on the associated location. The data visualized and accessed is updated (securely and remotely, via the internet) as new data are collected and entered into the system. The system is also used to automatically generate As-Built drawings for approval but the USACE.

With a streamlined workflow that allows data to be compiled in an efficient and quality-controlled fashion and viewed in an intuitive interface, project managers and stakeholders are able to track the details and progress of this very involved and time-critical construction.

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Project Summary

  • Location: Jacksonville, FL
  • Client: Bauer Foundation Corporation and USACE
  • Project Practice Areas: Civil Sites
  • Type of Facility: Dike
  • Services Provided: GIS Application Development; Data Management; Automatic Production of As-Built Drawings
  • Type of Work: Data Management
  • Governing Regulation: USACE