Design and Implementation of Nickel IWW Treatment to Reduce Groundwater Impact
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Geosyntec was retained by Progress Energy Florida, now Duke Energy, to prepare a corrective action plan to address nickel impacts to groundwater at the Anclote Power Plant. Excess nickel concentrations were detected in the facility's industrial wastewater (IWW) as a result of air-heater washes. The oil-fired boiler at the plant would soon be converted to natural gas, so only a limited number of air-heater washes would be performed in the future.

Geosyntec provided the client with a pond design modification package to enhance the functionality of the existing IWW pond at the Anclote facility as part of a corrective action plan prepared by Geosyntec to treat the plant's IWW discharge. The new IWW pond design included two stormwater and plant effluent treatment basins and one dredge sediment storage basin, associated storm water and plant effluent conveyance facilities, and the application of a soil amendment within the newly construction percolation basins to remove excess nickel concentrations from the facility's IWW discharge. Geosyntec's services included the following:

  • Conducted IWW pond and berm inspections, as required by the facility's IWW permit, and identified action items to complete prior to certification of pond operation and maintenance.
  • Researched soil amendment applications and conducted bench scale tests on four alternatives to evaluate the preferable adsorption material and determine the best amendment mixture for the site conditions.
  • Prepared hydraulic capacity calculations to evaluate the performance of the proposed IWW pond to ensure it satisfied the requirements and conditions set forth by Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Prepared IWW pond construction drawings, a construction quality assurance plan, and technical specifications as part of a bid package for construction of the IWW pond.
  • Provided bid support services to develop scope of work and request for bid solicitation, attend pre-bid meeting, and prepare formal responses to bidding questions and addenda.
  • Provided construction oversight during reconstruction of the IWW pond, soil removal, and soil amendment.
  • Conducted post-construction IWW pond and berm inspections.

Notable Accomplishments

Geosyntec developed a cost-effective approach to manage nickel levels in the IWW discharge through enhancements to the functionality of the IWW pond, resulting in a reduction of nickel leaching into the groundwater system. Geosyntec identified potential soil amendment alternatives to evaluate the preferable adsorption material and determine which of the selected commercial amendment mixtures performed the best under specified site conditions. With the reduction of additional nickel loading into the groundwater system, natural attenuation processes should continue to minimize nickel concentrations in and around the compliance wells and meet the requirements of the IWW permit.

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Project Summary

  • Location: Holiday, Florida, USA
  • Client: Progress Energy Florida, now Duke Energy
  • Project Practice Areas: Water & Wastewater, Civil Sites
  • Type of Facility: Power Plant
  • Services Provided: New Pond Design and Construction, Soil Amendment, Corrective Action Plan, Pond and Berm Inspections, Bid Support Services
  • Type of Work: Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Governing Regulation: FDEP