Geosyntec provides comprehensive water quality permitting and receiving water assessment services. Our services include National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permitting negotiations as well as technical support for wastewater treatment plant discharges, combined sewer overflow systems, and stormwater management.

Our water resources practitioners also specializes in water quality assessments in large watersheds, rivers, and reservoirs. Many of these projects are multi-year efforts where our services have resulted in the elimination of unnecessary treatment works, saving clients significant costs.

Antidegradation and water quality reviews are an essential component for permitting wastewater discharge expansions, and they are used by regulators to determine treatment system requirements and effluent limitations. Permittees must prepare the Review submittals for new or expanded treatment plants. These reviews can range in complexity from basic qualitative evaluations to complex modeling scenarios using actual stream data.

Geosyntec's thorough understanding of the antidegradation and water quality review process assures that the most appropriate review approaches are selected when we help our clients pursue new or expanded wastewater treatment plants.

Regulators with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state regulators emphasize water quality-based permitting of municipal, domestic and industrial wastewater discharges to ensure that water quality standards are attained within receiving streams, rather than basing permits on technology-based limitations that may not be adequately protective of the specific water resource.

Geosyntec's water quality-based permitting and wasteload allocation studies may range greatly in complexity, and regulatory involvement and negotiations are critical elements within such projects. Wasteload allocations may be derived using a variety of approaches, and water quality-based permit limits are derived after determining the most appropriate and defensible wasteload allocation.

Our engineers and scientists routinely use state-of-the-art field monitoring approaches to calibrate water quality models and establish appropriate water quality criteria. We have saved our clients several million dollars in infrastructure investments by investigating conservative permit assumptions and ensuring a sustainable balance between resource needs and practical budget constraints.

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