The ability to develop and enhance sustainable water resources while balancing the benefits to human populations and water-dependent ecosystems represents one of the more critical issues facing communities across the globe.

Designing effective and sustainable solutions that identify and address issues related to surface water and groundwater supplies can be complex, frequently requiring a multidisciplinary approach. The challenges associated with water supply development in California, for example, are notably different from those encountered in Florida, and this is reflected in the mix of disciplines and experience offered by Geosyntec practitioners in these locations and at a multitude of others around the world. Likewise, our clients are equally diverse, ranging from municipalities and water utilities to private companies that require water supply for industrial uses or to provide bottled drinking water.

Geosyntec's scientists, engineers, and permitting specialists provide clients with integrated solutions based on decades of experience that balance the needs for water supply development and ecological health. We also provide clients a thorough understanding of their specific water cycle, allowing them to optimize their system performance and to make informed demand management decisions.

Our practitioners provide detailed source assessments for both surface water and groundwater, identifying potential issues regarding water rights, water quality, and reliability. We perform robust alternatives analyses that present clients with a comprehensive understanding of the potential impacts associated with diversions from a surface water body, extraction from a groundwater aquifer, or the interaction of groundwater and surface water.

We also engage with clients to develop a complete understanding of their needs and regulatory requirements related to consistent water delivery for their communities or industrial purposes. Armed with this knowledge, we frequently design production wells, diversion facilities, piping systems, and instrumentation networks that exceed expectations and allow clients to meet water supply needs.

In addition, many of Geosyntec's clients have aging water supply systems and infrastructure that show clear signs of decreasing performance. We work closely with such clients using tools ranging from geophysical analysis of their conveyance systems to optimization modeling of their well fields and diversion facilities to ensure water supply systems operate at maximum efficiency.

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