Constructed wetlands have shown great promise treating a variety of constituents in wastewater and groundwater impacted by ammonia, BOD, COD, iron, phosphorous, volatiles, and other contaminants.

Geosyntec has significant experience in conducting a wide variety of wetlands-related projects. For example, Geosyntec has partnered in the design and implementation of innovative vertical-flow constructed wetlands systems and adapted this technology for the effective treatment of wastewater. The features of this technology include a small footprint, a modular design, and the system's operational stability throughout the year.

Geosyntec has also designed constructed wetlands for treatment of stormwater runoff and in other applications of implementing best management practices (BMPs) for many years. We have further used innovative approaches involving constructed wetlands for treatment of metals and petroleum-related compounds, and we are involved in several treatability and pilot-scale studies to evaluate the use of constructed wetlands to treat a variety of contaminants in groundwater.

Goals of these projects have included treatment, as well as to create and restore habitat for aquatic and terrestrial vegetation and wildlife, stabilize shorelines and prevent erosion and sedimentation, and improve water quality by attenuation of nutrient, pollutant, and sediment loads. Project goals have also included providing educational and recreational opportunities.

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