OptiRTC is a broad suite of computing services developed by Geosyntec Consultants that provide data monitoring and automated control solutions for a range of environmental and civil engineering applications. OptiRTC is built to aggregate data from a range of sources, including distributed field sensors, Internet-accessible data, and infrastructure monitoring-and-control systems, such as programmable logic controllers.

Once aggregated on OptiRTC's cloud-based platform, real-time data are available for custom analysis and visualization on web dashboards that are accessible from any Internet-connected device. Users can receive real-time alerts via email and text messages or by telephone, based on system conditions.

For systems where efficiency or performance can be improved by control automation, OptiRTC provides customized and adaptable system control functionalities based on algorithms incorporating field and Internet-based data. Control systems can range from a single point of control to highly distributed systems with complex decision algorithms.

OptiRTC has a wide range of applications to support Geosyntec's service offerings. Examples include groundwater remediation sites, water resource monitoring systems, and advanced green infrastructure facilities.

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