Geosyntec practitioners are leaders in the development and application of science-based methods and tools for wetland identification and delineation.

By determining the existence, location boundaries, and physical size of a wetland area, we help clients establish whether water bodies within a project area meet criteria for regulation under specific local, state, and federal jurisdictions. In addition, we make recommendations as to the size or width of any buffers that may be needed to protect water quality or habitats.

Our field investigations and surveys establish clearly marked wetland boundaries, comprehensive delineation maps with data collection points, and site-specific information such as soil survey results or species composition and dominance data. We also can assess whether created or replicated wetlands function effectively and then aid clients in the application of this information to future design plans. This can include an evaluation of pre-construction design criteria and monitoring protocols.

Once a wetland delineation is complete, Geosyntec guides clients through the permitting application process as outlined in Section 401 or Section 404 of the Clean Water Act as well as the various state and regional laws governing water bodies throughout the United States.

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