Geosyntec offers extensive experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and the use of model output for the analysis of channel modifications and stream restoration projects. We frequently apply these models for long-term watershed and floodplain management.

Our practitioners have decades of experience in the evaluation of hydromodification activities, such as channelization / channel modification projects and the construction of dams. We also examine the resulting stream bank and shoreline erosion impacts of hydromodification and how it might affect in-stream and streamside (or riparian) habitats for fish and wildlife.

We develop and calibrate watershed hydrologic models and floodplain hydraulic models using new and existing data sources to examine both the volume reduction and control benefits of hydromodification projects. We also conduct stream restoration and open channel analyses to assist and design stream bank rehabilitation projects and to restore tidal flow in restricted salt marsh environments.

Our geomorphic studies and sedimentation/scour analyses are used to understand issues of accelerated erosion or changes to sediment supply. We apply our expertise in open channel hydraulics to perform flooding analyses, including floodplain delineation, flow monitoring, and rating curve development.

Geosyntec has developed excellent surface water modeling expertise including hydrodynamics, sediment transport, water quality, and fate and transport modeling. Geosyntec's expertise includes application of SWMM, HEC-HMS, HEC-1, HEC-2, HEC-RAS, RMA2/RMA4, EFDC, QUAL2k, River-FLO2D, CE-QUAL-W2, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and other models.

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