Geosyntec's practitioners develop creative solutions to hydrogeologic characterization and remediation challenges and specialize in the analysis and evaluation of complex and highly variable geochemical and hydrogeological data.

For more than 30 years we have designed comprehensive sampling programs for subsurface site characterization that employ detection monitoring to determine what elements and compounds are present and assessment monitoring to zero in on the size and scale of contamination.

Once we identify the impacts and move to remediation system design, we employ evaluation monitoring to collect data that will optimize any solution chosen for the site. Characterization of geochemical variability also is necessary to identify potential chemical problems that may affect the selection and design of remediation systems. Following implementation of design remedies, we conduct performance monitoring to assess the success of the project.

A rigorous geochemical sampling program provides invaluable data that aid all parties in understanding the nature of environmental impacts at the site and making sound decisions regarding remediation options. Our engineers and scientists develop thorough sampling programs to monitor for a wide range of geochemical processes, including acid-base equilibria, or ionization; sorption and desorption; precipitation and dissolution; oxidation and reduction, or redox reactions; and hydrolysis. We also employ real-time sensor inputs for monitoring of high-resolution geochemical data that improve our conceptual site models and allow our practitioners to operate sensors remotely for various performance tests.

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