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At Geosyntec, our knowledge of Sustainability and ESG programs and strategies reflects extensive experience with a broad base of market sectors and government entities so we can provide innovative and effective solutions to Sustainability and ESG challenges.

Risk Basis

Strong risk identification and management is the foundation to successful sustainability and ESG strategies.  We work with clients to integrate ESG into their risk management process, and to ensure risks are adequately identified, rated, and prioritized. This risk-based approach places clients in a good position to develop short, medium and long-term strategies that align with their business strategy and key stakeholder expectations.

Peer Benchmarking

In order to assist our clients with ESG trends and performance in their sector and across other industries, we perform peer benchmarking efforts, sustainability and energy audits, and best practice evaluations.

Stakeholder and Investor Engagement Strategies

We help develop stakeholder engagement and communications strategies, including stakeholder mapping exercises to identify the regulators, community members, investors, and government entities that are most important to our clients' business.

Risk and sustainability assessments, and strategies.

We work closely with clients to assess and enhance their ESG-related management systems, which includes conducting sustainability assessments (energy, life cycle, zero waste, etc.). We then work with the clients to develop effective, "fit for purpose" strategies.

Materiality Analyses

With leading experts in the material ESG issues in the industrial, manufacturing, energy, chemical, extractive, and agricultural industries, our approach to conducting materiality analyses assists clients in updating and strengthening their ESG reporting.

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