Geosyntec is a leader in permitting, design, and construction of commercial and industrial waste landfills as well as containment facilities for wastes generated through remediation efforts. Our practitioners also provide investigation, design, permitting, and construction oversight for on-site disposal facilities, and cost-effective safe on-site disposal of soils, sludges, and miscellaneous debris with a broad range of contaminants, including mercury, PCBs, and volatile and semivolatile organic compounds. Our extensive technical knowledge has enabled our practitioners to assist most commercial hazardous waste landfill owners and a number of Fortune 500 industrial firms for their commercial and industrial waste landfill needs.

Technical Expertise

Our practitioners are well versed in the federal regulations (Subtitle C) related to on-site containment of industrial and hazardous waste materials.  In the late 1980s, Geosyntec, under contract to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), assisted in drafting the double-liner regulatory requirements of 40 CFR § 264 and the supporting technical guidance documents.  We continue to support the EPA in developing technical guidance and performance data for these facilities.

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