Geosyntec provides an array of geoenvironmental engineering services to electricity generation utilities for monofill site creation and development, including containment facility siting, design, permitting, construction-phase engineering, and construction quality assurance.

Siting Design and Location

We help our clients find suitable sites for their facilities, which involves identifying candidate sites based on location, land use, geology and hydrogeology, and other siting criteria; comparing candidate sites to technical and regulatory site suitability criteria; performing site suitability studies; demonstrating compliance with local regulations and regional planning initiatives; and assisting in the stakeholder participation process. Our practitioners also assist in conceptual design and construction oversight and quality assurance.

Site Expansion

As a leader in the creative use of retaining wall systems, our practitioners can maximize disposal capacity within the existing site constraints. By adding capacity through vertical expansion by the use of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, our process increases site efficiency and avoids the increased costs and development times of lateral expansions. We also specialize in addressing complex geotechnical challenges to existing site expansions. Through detailed geotechnical evaluations of foundation stability for each stage of development, our practitioners can ensure a stable site throughout the development and use of the site.

Future Planning

As our clients by prepare and upgrade their facilities for the future, our practitioners can evaluate options for expansion of gypsum impoundments, assess approaches for recycling of ash and other coal-combustion by products, assist with decommissioning of power plants, and provide services for conversion of power plants from coal to gas fuel, among other services.  We also prepare conceptual designs for redevelopment and beneficial reuse of closed ash disposal facilities.

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