With our expertise in the evaluation of environmental liabilities and opportunities, our clients have a greater understanding of cost certainty and liability valuations. The technical analysis that our practitioners provide potentially reduces both the size and share of cost allocations related to insurance transactions, risk transfer, financial reporting, and portfolio management. We provide technical analysis, consulting support, expert testimony, and offer a unique set of qualifications to apply fundamental environmental engineering and scientific analyses within a financial, legal, and risk management framework inherent to key business decisions, negotiations, and disputes.

Geosyntec practitioners have evaluated thousands of sites with total alleged or potential liabilities in the billions of dollars. They develop and apply customized deterministic or stochastic costing tools to prepare estimates with applicable costing standards and have developed unique environmental costing tools and models specific to the intricacies of environmental evaluations.

Mergers, Divestitures, and Acquisitions (MD&A) Services

Our experience in evaluating portfolios that have ranged in size from a single complex site to hundreds of sites enables a better understanding and management of environmental liabilities. The MD&A services that we provide our clients allow them to appropriately factor environmental risk into sales prices and transaction documents such as environmental indemnity agreements.

Business Planning and Portfolio Management Services

We assist our clients in strategically prioritizing and allocating resources to remediate sites that pose a high risk of future liability. By focusing on environmental risk, sites with the largest cost escalation potential can be identified and proactive measures can be taken. Our practitioners can also evaluate the merits of available contracting alternatives for remediation projects, risk-sharing alternatives, and develop dynamic tools for our clients to continuously update and refine portfolio management strategies.

Litigation Support Services

Our practitioners are nationally recognized experts and can provide the specialized expertise necessary for lawyers to counsel their clients and advocate for client interests on a wide range of matters related to business transactions, environmental management, compliance and enforcement, toxic tort, and general litigation matters. We offer comprehensive qualifications and capabilities to address the most challenging problems in our principal areas of practice. Our practitioners are adept at quickly grasping the scope and nuances of key issues and in developing sound, defensible technical insight for clients.  Our senior practitioners are adept at providing expert testimony and at following legal work-product and communication protocols.

Insurance Support Services

Environmental insurance instruments, such as historic comprehensive general liability policies and more recent cleanup cost cap and environmental impairment liability policies, have become key components of many business transactions and operations. Our skilled practitioners provide technically sound and defensible analyses that better position our clients to negotiate the optimal value of historic and future insurance coverage.

Environmental Asset Valuation Service

Our clients have access to our extensive ELV experience and our pioneering research that includes numerical modeling tools for quantifying the value of liabilities associated with a portfolio of environmentally impaired properties. Additionally, through these services, we can assess our clients’ environmental assets such as alternative energy project opportunities and carbon emission reduction credits.

Due Diligence Overview

Our environmental due diligence practitioners specialize in assisting mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions (MD&A) activities by locating hard-to-find environmental liabilities and their underlying financial and business risks.  Our professionals combine technical expertise in conducting and reviewing environmental assessments for producing streamlined recommendations designed to enhance deal flow.

Our MD&A practitioners identify and evaluate business and financial risks associated with:

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance issues
  • Financial reporting requirements
  • Recalcitrant contamination
  • Vapor intrusion and indoor air quality concerns
  • Geotechnical challenges
  • Hazardous substance-containing building materials
  • Protected wildlife and wetlands
  • Cultural resources

Geosyntec can bring a unique combination of environmental and hazard risk engineering expertise to bear on sensitive transactions, such as those related to sensitive infrastructure.