Geosyntec provides specialized solutions for the most challenging industrial water supply and water management projects. We work with our clients from the initial concept development phase through to the operation and management of the facility.

This holistic approach, which includes engineering design, construction, and start-up, ensures that our practitioners can simplify environmental compliance requirements, reduce life-cycle costs, and optimize existing process to decrease resource usage.

Concept Development

Decisions made during the initial phases of a project have the greatest potential to optimize project execution and affect overall cost. Our experienced practitioners have the necessary skill sets to devise and implement realistic strategies and practical concepts in order to provide the best solutions for our clients through their expertise in:

  • water characterization and treatability studies;
  • numerical modeling and advanced simulations;
  • cost-benefit analyses;
  • sustainability reviews and pre-design optimization studies; and
  • conceptual designs

In order to ensure that our services meet our client's requests and provide the best benefit-cost ratio, our practitioners often consult with other Geosyntec practice leaders in the fields of risk assessment, the treatment of unconventional and emerging pollutants, and geotechnical and seismic engineering to guarantee that the project will meet and exceed the client's objectives.

Engineering Design and Implementation

In order to mitigate potential hazards and ensure that the project is cost effective and efficient, our clients rely on us to produce innovative and customized designs. We have successfully designed:

  • physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes;
  • beneficial water reuse systems and closed-loop processes;
  • advanced primary and secondary treatment plants;
  • land and water body discharge systems;
  • physical and biological nutrient removal systems;
  • biosolids management facilities employing aerobic and anaerobic digestion; and
  • water conveyance and supply systems.

Geosyntec's value-added engineering services guarantee that we meet our project goals in an efficient and timely manner. Whether they are commercial or government clients, our practitioners can design, construct, assist in permitting, and oversee the implementation of any water supply or management system regardless of the water source, constituents of concern, or end use. For highly innovative and custom designs, our clients depend on us for specialized construction-phase services to deliver finished products that adhere to design goals.

Process Optimization

For existing processes, Geosyntec develops optimization strategies through innovative and proprietary modeling tools, measurement techniques, and sustainability metrics. We utilize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to increase throughput of existing systems without compromising treatment effectiveness, identify beneficial reuse options for industrial wastewater, and perform water footprinting and mass balances to identify and eliminate process bottlenecks. We also provide sustainability reviews that assist our clients by identifying potential opportunities to improve resource usage and meet their sustainability goals.

Advancing the State of the Practice

Geosyntec's engineers and scientists draw from a comprehensive mix of specialties and practical knowledge. Combining a powerful blend of state-of-the-art analytical and computational tools with our proven experience, our practitioners provide Geosyntec clients with practical and effective solutions. Through our advanced simulation modeling tools, we can design new systems and optimize existing infrastructure investments to extend the operational life of process units. Our CFD team is experienced in solving challenges associated with surface water and wastewater, dispersion and gaseous release, internal equipment flows, and external building flows

Our practitioners have deployed process optimization and sustainability solutions that enabled our clients to realize long-term cost savings and greater efficiency. We have worked with clients and regulators to implement innovative techniques for water management, such as constructed wetlands discharges, beneficial re-use of organics in wastewater, and designed ex situ groundwater treatment systems, that allow the reuse of treated waters for industrial purposes, which allows for decreases in maintenance demands, improved public image and stakeholder relations, and the reduction of impacts on the natural environment.

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