Our clients understand environmental and occupational safety and health risk management is a vital component of maintaining overall operational excellence.

Geosyntec's environmental management team builds compliance solutions, distinguishes between potential and actual environmental risks, and develops strategies to decrease energy and water utilization.

Environmental and health & safety (EH&S) management system support services benefit our private and public sector clients who are committed to achieving high standards of EH&S performance and compliance. We develop documented management systems that allow our clients to identify, prioritize, and manage more efficiently the potential EH&S risks associated with their operations using a plan, do, check, act framework to ensure continuous program improvement.

With a diverse portfolio of services, Geosyntec improves public and private sector clients' environmental and health and safety performance; manage risk; and reduce environmental liabilities consistent with their financial and stewardship goals. Our compliance, permitting, and auditing specialists have technical expertise across a broad range of disciplines. Accordingly, we are able to help our clients by proactively identifying compliance obligations and opportunities to improve their compliance record.

Geosyntec practitioners specialize in solving complex challenges of occupational safety and industrial hygiene that affect workplace operations, staff comfort and productivity, or occupant health. Addressing such challenges involves the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of known risks and emerging hazards in the workplace. Our practitioners conduct assessments using the sound scientific principles and practices of industrial hygiene, public health, and toxicology.

We provide comprehensive Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Program (RMP) services to meet our clients' needs as they relate to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) 29 CFR 1910.119 PSM Standard and the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 40 CFR Part 68 RMP. The standards require the development and implementation of a system of procedures aimed at preventing accidental releases of hazardous chemicals from subject processes.

All levels of an organization can benefit from our assistance in managing the daily aspects of its operations through development of environmental management systems, compliance programs and procedures, and regulatory research and applicability assessments. We accomplish this by implementing tools in a plan-do-check-act framework to ensure continuous program improvement.

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