A company's desire to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, coupled with the desire to reduce risk and reach internal safety targets and goals, requires safety and health expertise to develop a robust safety program and culture. In developing the safety program and safety culture, a company can find itself needing some outside expertise to help solve problems.

Geosyntec's comprehensive understanding of laws and regulations, coupled with certified experts, allow us to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions for their safety and health challenges. We work closely with our clients to find the best-fit solution to their problems. We are experienced in:

  • Auditing: We provide our clients experts in the health and safety field, who are also well-versed and trained in effective auditing techniques. We tailor the safety and health audit to a company's industry so that the appropriate focus is placed on those rules/requirements of greatest risk (for example, fall protection for our construction clients). Our auditing practitioners focus on helping our clients reduce risk, by identifying any issues before they become problems.
  • Safety Program Development: Our safety practitioners are well versed in programs/plans that may need to be developed in a robust safety program such as: Injury, Illness & Prevention, Confined Space Entry, Lockout/Tagout, Hazard Communications (Global Harmonization System), Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER), Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Machine Guarding, Management of Change, Fall Protection, Excavation, Permit to Work and more.
  • Incident Investigation: Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. Geosyntec has experienced practitioners who are adept at incident investigation/root cause analysis. We are familiar and have used in practice, a variety of investigative methodologies such as 5Y, fishbone, failure mode and affects analysis (FEMA), and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). Our practitioners have the experience and understanding to assist our clients in performing incident investigations.
  • Hearing Conservation & Noise Surveys: Noise, or unwanted sound, is one of the most pervasive occupational health problems. It is a by-product of many industrial processes. Exposure to high levels of noise causes hearing loss and may cause other harmful health effects. The extent of damage depends primarily on the intensity of the noise and the duration of the exposure.
  • Industrial Hygiene: Geosyntec has practitioners who specialize in the field of industrial hygiene and toxicology. They are experts at conducting investigative site sampling to determine workplace exposures to a wide-variety of contaminants. Industrial hygiene (IH) surveys are conducted to accurately assess worker exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents in the workplace and to provide recommendations for their reduction or elimination.
  • Process Safety Management (PSM): Some of our clients have very complex processes and are subject to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration' (OSHA) rule on Process Safety Management. Geosyntec has practitioners who specialize in process safety and are adept at leading Hazard & Operability Studies (HAZOPs), investigations, and lead program implementation for client's subject to the PSM rules.
    Learn more: Process Safety Management

Many of our practitioners carry key certifications including Certified Safety Professionals and Certified Industrial Hygienists. Additionally, many of our safety practitioners have "real life experience" having worked in the regulated community prior to joining Geosyntec. Because of that, we bring a unique set of qualifications to our clients when solving their safety and health program needs. We also offer key expertise in programs such as Occupational Risk Assessment, Process Safety Management and Industrial Hygiene.

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