The role of environmental due diligence during merger, divestiture, and acquisition (MD&A) activities has evolved significantly since the early years of conducting straightforward Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for the purpose of identifying potential environmental concerns.

Today, transactional due diligence can encompass far beyond just the routine Phase I ESA, advancing to higher level deal optimization through evaluation of sustainable practices and environmental, social and governance (ESG) to not just mitigate, but optimize the environmental foot print of the transaction. 

What once may have required only a small team of environmental professionals, has now developed into a requirement to assemble a myriad of inter-disciplinary professionals; skilled not just in environmental matters, but in financial and business matters as well with an aim of seeking value creation in addition to risk mitigation.  Our clients look to Geosyntec to become a strategic and sustainable business partner looking beyond just a response to regulatory requirements.  

We understand that our clients may be driven by varying degrees of capitalization and risk tolerance.  Certain investments may be time-limited while other investments such as mergers may present a need for a longer term vision of risk mitigation.  We specialize in translating environmental risk into financial terms used for sound business decisions, requiring sophisticated integration of technical, regulatory, practical, and financial drivers.

Our services span technical, environmental, and financial due diligence from pre-transaction to asset retirement and can include any number of these actions along the asset lifecycle:

  • Rapid desktop environmental screening, research and virtual dataroom support
  • Environmental, health and safety due diligence (acquisition and vendor)
  • Environmental compliance and permitting evaluations
  • Technical and safety due diligence, assets and infrastructure
  • Assessment of environmental financial provisions and liability management
  • Post-transaction support
  • Planning and preparation for divestment and exit

Geosyntec provides strategic and transactional advice across a broad range of asset classes including:

  • Manufacturing and industry
  • Geo-environmental containment and waste management
  • Renewable energy technology
  • Real property and asset management
  • Transportation, distribution, and logistics
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Water resource management

Our opinions are based upon real-world experience, considerable technical body of knowledge, technical, operational, commercial and environmental benchmarks, informed, careful assessment of risks and possible returns under reasonable and prudent expectations

We are experienced professionals who have advised industrial and commercial clients, institutional investors, funds, insurers, law firms, multilateral development organizations, public bodies, private developers and sponsors.  Geosyntec can bring a unique combination of environmental and hazard risk engineering expertise to bear on sensitive transactions, such as those related to vulnerable infrastructure, natural hazards, robust environmental regulatory environments.    

Our MD&A practitioners routinely identify and evaluate business and financial risks associated with:

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance issues
  • Financial reporting requirements
  • Recalcitrant contamination assessment and risk
  • Social and economic impact assessment
  • Vapor intrusion and indoor air quality concerns
  • Geotechnical challenges
  • Hazardous substance-containing building materials
  • Protected wildlife, wetlands, and Cultural resources
  • Supply chain management and product stewardship

Our environmental due diligence practitioners specialize in assisting our clients with navigating through MD&A activities by identifying the salient environmental liabilities and their underlying impacts to financial and business risk. Our professionals combine technical expertise in thoroughly conducting and reviewing environmental assessments with producing streamlined recommendations designed to enhance, not hinder, deal flow. Our capabilities are far reaching – domestically in North America, and abroad through our partnership in CAT Alliance ( providing an expanded network of over 10,000 professionals across over 50 countries to assist our clients in all aspects of due diligence from single-site transactions, to large-scale portfolios in more complex stock or asset deals.

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