Thinking beyond standard mitigation systems

With thousands of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings mitigated by our experts within the last 20 years, we know where to find cost-saving opportunities while maintaining or improving system effectiveness.

  • We use new technologies and passive systems to reduce operating costs, and we offer real-time system monitoring.
  • When mitigation is necessary, we use focused designs to minimize the system footprint and energy use, reduce iterative system testing, and lower overall life cycle costs.
  • There are creative ways to redevelop sites, including administrative controls that reduce or eliminate the need for mitigation and advanced technologies like aerated flooring.

The most efficient, innovative, green technologies on the market

The makers of Cupolex® asked us to help them develop design procedures and pioneer the use of passive and active VI mitigation systems using their 100% recycled plastic forms. This passive mitigation solution creates a continuous void space below concrete floor slabs - an aerated floor that provides better venting at lower cost than traditional systems.

From coast to coast, we lead the industry with the most Cupolex® aerated floor systems designed, installed, and operating efficiently.

Reduce disruption to facility operations

Using our advanced building characterization techniques, Geosyntec can collect subsurface vapor characterization data and mitigation system design criteria while minimizing interruptions to facility operations. High volume sampling (HVS) was developed by Geosyntec to assess areas under the slab where access is restricted by machinery or current use. Our designs result in fewer site visits, less construction material, and less effort for operation and maintenance but with improved characterization and understanding of the VI pathway.

Include world-class experts on the team

Our internationally recognized experts lead the field in mitigation design:
  • Mitigation projects on five continents
  • Instructors for ITRC VI training programs, including the mitigation section
  • Co-authors of ITRC VI and petroleum VI guidance documents
  • Leaders in sustainable mitigation system research & development, including multiple Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) awards to validate optimization technologies like High Volume Sampling
  • One stop for evaluation of vapor control options, including remediation, mitigation, and institutional controls
  • Diagnostic testing to improve design efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expert design and installation of subslab depressurization, sub-slab venting, and other systems
  • Ongoing system operation, maintenance, and monitoring
  • System optimization and post remediation exit strategies for eventual shutdown of mitigation systems

VI issues can impact sales prices, insurability, and the ability to obtain loans. Geosyntec can guide clients through:

  • ASTM 2600 vapor encroachment assessments
  • ASTM E1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, including the potential for VI to be a recognized environmental condition
  • Multiple site assessments during the merger/acquisition due diligence process

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