Working together, Geosyntec's engineers, scientists, and innovators leverage the power of chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes and reactions to detoxify, immobilize, and eliminate exposure risks to a wide range of chemicals in the environment, especially those difficult to treat by more conventional means.

Our practitioners are adept at expediting site investigations, optimizing remediation solutions, and accelerating site closure through a wide range of innovative technology applications. Decades of experience in the implementation of new, emerging, and conventional technology allows our practitioners to frequently bridge the gap between the development and "first-to-field" stages of environmental solutions.

In addition, Geosyntec's in-house laboratories provide physical and chemical testing that effectively monitors the performance of treatment processes, technologies, and systems. Our technical evaluation facilities regularly conduct chemical oxidation and bioreactor tests; examine the presence of organics and inorganics in wastewater; evaluate the effectiveness of remediation products; simulate the performance of conceptual designs; and analyze the likely behavior and end point of various treatment processes. All of our lab teams communicate regularly to share knowledge and direct internal and external client projects to the most appropriate technology solutions.

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