Geosyntec practitioners are among the leading specialists in environmental forensics in the world today. Drawing upon their decades of experience in the study and application of chemistry, biochemistry, ecology, and biology — among many other disciplines — our engineers and scientists regularly conduct field and laboratory investigations that identify or characterize biological and chemical challenges impacting soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, and waste.

The technical expertise and the reputation of our senior practitioners allow Geosyntec to be a trusted resource for leading law firms that seek to determine quantitative liability allocation among potentially responsible parties (PRPs) at contaminated sites. We have provided expert opinions and forensic analysis regarding the extent and source of contamination; probable migration pathways; the timing of contaminant release based on chemical fingerprinting and other forensics techniques; and feasible remediation alternatives for impacted properties.

We offer the specialized expertise necessary for lawyers to counsel their clients and advocate for client interests on a wide range of matters related to business transactions, environmental management, compliance and enforcement, toxic tort, and general litigation matters. Our practitioners are adept at quickly grasping the scope and nuances of key environmental issues and in developing sound, defensible technical insights for clients.

Many of our consultants have participated in key research developments and have pioneered technical approaches that form the underpinning for their practices. Some are extensively involved in developing current regulations and technical guidance. We continue to advance the state of the practice in areas such as geotechnical engineering, vapor intrusion, sustainability, innovative waste management approaches, and remediation of emerging contaminants.

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