Geosyntec’s secure Data Clearinghouse allows custom visualization and reporting of data in Electronic Data Deliverables and data entered into forms or spreadsheets.

By e-mailing or uploading les to a dedicated location, you can immediately see those data in a variety of reports (temporal trends, summary statistics, exceedances, etc.) and interactively in a webmap. Data are immediately visible to site managers (or other permitted users), and can be shared with others as desired (e.g., following validation). Any data records that require further information prior to mapping or reporting (unknown locations or analytes, incomplete records, etc.) are immediately sent to site managers for completion, while the remaining data are visible right away.

“To say that MDEQ was impressed would be an understatement. They agreed to provide comments based on our data presented through this tool, rather than requesting a series of traditional formal regulatory submittals. There has been substantial cost savings realized by forgoing interim submittals of monitoring and assessment reports.”
--Environmental Site Manager, Railway Corporation

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