The evolving nature of government regulations for air quality and emissions requires companies to plan for and adhere to comprehensive monitoring, testing, emissions control, record keeping, and reporting requirements.

Successfully navigating this complex regulatory environment is a challenge for companies that must ensure compliance while also minimizing operational and financial impacts.  For many projects, obtaining a pre-construction air permit often has a long lead time and is one of the obstacles in getting a project off the ground.

Geosyntec knows the critical path items that need to be managed through the process, including characterizing emissions from new or modified equipment, identifying the correct permitting strategy, defining the regulatory requirements, and completing ambient air quality impact analyses of air contaminants released from process equipment. We also support our clients in explaining to interested stakeholders the benefits of the project and its low environmental impacts. An often overlooked key service we provide relates to reviewing draft permits or licenses to ensure that the approval will provide maximum operational flexibility and minimize on-going compliance demonstration burdens.

Geosyntec's comprehensive understanding of laws and regulations pertaining to air quality and paired with our creative permitting strategies allow us to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions for their air quality permitting and compliance challenges. Our air quality practitioners offer clients a broad array of services, including permitting, and compliance management and reporting.  We are experienced in:

  • Air Permitting:  We provide our clients with unique solutions that often result in the avoidance of major source permitting requirements, like Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) or nonattainment area New Source Review, due to our extensive knowledge in operating permit programs; providing permitting assistance to our clients under federal, state, and local air construction; and proven record in crafting strategic approaches to air quality challenges.
  • Air Compliance and Reporting: With federal, state, and local air quality regulations in a constant state of fluctuation, maintaining compliance can be a constant struggle and burden on businesses. Our air practitioners understanding of policy, regulation, and drivers results in effective and efficient compliance solutions for our clients so that they can address reporting challenges and remain in compliance without concern.  This experience is important because air regulations can be complicated to interpret and apply correctly. With staff that possess expertise in understanding whether a regulation applies to a project or not allows us to save our clients time and money.

Geosyntec's Air Quality professionals understand the need to provide our clients with "fit for purpose" solutions that are practical to implement. Geosyntec possess the experience our clients require to get the project done right the first time leading to the efficient use of our client's resources and timely outcomes.  Our team of Engineers and Scientists has a proven track record solving complex air quality problems and successfully acquiring permits to construct and licenses to operate on behalf of clients.

Geosyntec practitioners frequently collaborate with colleagues at EPA, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and other organizations on new or developing air pollution regulations, permitting and control strategies.  Through additional research, our experts have developed unique and innovative permitting strategies and methods to demonstrate air quality compliance with complex permitting requirements.

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