Scott Drew, LSRP, LSE

Scott Drew is a Senior Principal Environmental Scientist based in New Jersey with more than 25 years of experience focused on the fields of environmental technology, site remediation, and environmental chemistry. His practice focuses on the in situ remediation of organic compounds, including chlorinated solvents, explosives, and MTBE. His recent work in fractured rock environments has included the application of anaerobic bioaugmentation in mudstones and biosparging in karst.

Over the course of his career, Scott's broad range of experience has spanned from the habitability study of Love Canal to the restoration of the crude oil-impacted Persian Gulf shoreline of Saudi Arabia. His work includes the field demonstration of innovative approaches for the in situ biodegradation of gasoline oxygenates MTBE and TBA as well as the evaluation and remediation of wastes associated with former manufactured gas plants, chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities, and plants that produced military ordnance.

Additionally, Scott has managed projects using biofiltration technology for the treatment of odors and chemical vapors plus bioreactors for the treatment of water containing organic and inorganic compounds, including manufactured gas plant wastes and ammonium perchlorate. As a chemist, Scott has managed the evaluation of vapor intrusion pathways and has performed environmental forensic analyses of chemical data.

He has designed and executed numerous bench-scale and field pilot scale treatability studies for remediation technologies and has managed subsequent scale-up projects. Scott has served as project manager for monitored natural attenuation studies, including the review and interpretation of site data, design of microcosm studies, the selection of field parameters, and the collection and analysis of field data. He has reviewed data from numerous sites, screened remediation technologies, and developed conceptual remediation plans.

Scott's efforts at advancing the state of the science have included the first application of bioaugmentation in fractured rock using an active injection system at a site in New Jersey. In addition, he has directed commercialization teams for innovative environmental technologies, matching the technical capabilities and performance of technologies with client requirements.

Contact Scott Drew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-609-895-1400.

Career Summary: Scott Drew, LSRP, LSE

  • Specialties: Site Investigation and Remediation; Groundwater Assessment and Remediation; Specialized In Situ Treatment Technologies; Vapor Intrusion Investigations, Environmental Chemistry
  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup
  • Disciplines: Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry
  • Education: B.S., Environmental Sciences, University of Massachusetts, 1977
  • Registration: Licensed Site Remed. Prof. LSRP, 512337; Licensed Subsurface Eval. LSE, 266401

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