October 2, 2013

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Geosyntec Welcomes Howard Cumberland as Principal

PORTLAND, Ore. — Geosyntec Consultants is pleased to welcome Howard Cumberland as Principal in the firm's Portland office. He will be responsible for leading Geosyntec's efforts in increasing its west coast business related to ports, harbors, and waterfront development. Howard is a 20-year-career marine scientist with an emphasis in assessing and mitigating the ecological impacts associated with nearshore in-water activities from contaminated sediments, dredging, and redevelopment. Howard has managed, designed, and conducted remedial investigations and feasibility studies in addition to implementing complex remedial actions, with a focus on the beneficial uses and sustainability as remedial outcomes. He works with his clients to effectively determine and communicate risks to agency and public stakeholders using a thorough evaluation of contaminant sources and determining appropriate remedial actions.

As an example of his experience, Howard served as project manager for studies and analyses to permit the removal of 9 million cubic yards of dredged material for the Navy Homeporting of Nuclear Aircraft Carriers in San Diego Bay. He has also managed federal (Superfund) and state lead cleanup actions at waterfronts throughout the western United States. Most recently, he was the technical lead and environmental manager for the remedial design, permitting, and removal of the largest sediment remediation project in Australia that includes over 1 million cubic yards of PAH-contaminated sediment from a former steelworks in the Hunter River.

Howard was attracted to Geosyntec because of its excellent people, technical reputation, and the great recommendations he received from a client regarding the company. He is looking forward to helping expand the sediment management practice and waterfront services within Geosyntec and in assisting with growing project work with industrial clients, the Corps, and the US Navy. He received his BS in marine biology from California State University at Long Beach and completed his MS in biology from California State University at San Diego.