October 2, 2013

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Geosyntec Awarded Maryland Landfill Gas System Design/Build/Operate Contract

COLUMBIA, Md. — The Carroll County Government recently awarded Geosyntec Consultants a contract to design/build/operate a landfill gas system at their Hoods Mill Landfill in Woodbine, Md. The closed landfill has a landfill gas migration problem, which requires remediation.

Geosyntec's design at the Hoods Mill Landfill will incorporate two phases — the first represents the minimum required to address landfill gas migration issues, and the second phase, which is optional, will maximize landfill gas collection from the site for a beneficial reuse project. In this manner, Carroll County will focus on its landfill gas compliance issue while also having time to make a thorough review of market conditions for other beneficial reuses of landfill gas.

"Geosyntec was able to offer a flexible solution, which will match construction costs to the purpose of the system — a smaller, less costly gas migration control system at first with the ability to expand the system in the future for economical energy recovery," said Tom Ramsey, PE, Geosyntec project manager. This project is another example of Geosyntec's ability to provide landfill gas solutions for our clients that address a wide range of issues from regulatory compliance to construction and development of green energy.