February 27, 2014

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Philip Reidy Presents on Rainwater Harvesting at the Institution of Engineers Malaysia

Philip Reidy, P.E., a senior water resources engineer and an Associate of Geosyntec Consultants based in Asia, made a timely presentation on rainwater harvesting this week to members of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

In a February 24 address to the IEM?۪s Environmental Section in Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Reidy presented ???Rainwater Harvesting: Opportunities in Water Conservation, Stormwater Management and Sustainable Design. ?۝

The presentation comes at a critical moment for Malaysian water resource managers, as the dry season continues to apply pressure on many local water supplies. As a result, several regional reservoirs are at dangerously low levels, and government officials have announced that they will begin cloud seeding above certain watersheds by the end of the month.

Rainwater harvesting, once the domain of ecological homeowners, has its roots in ancient times but has witnessed a resurgence around the globe in recent decades. In his presentation, Mr. Reidy reviewed how modern harvesting system implementation in contemporary construction is carried out and the considerations required in their design.

Mr. Reidy has more than 25 years of geotechnical and stormwater management experience. His practice focus at Geosyntec is the design, construction, and technology development of innovative rainwater harvesting and stormwater management systems.

He is an authority on the implementation of remote sensing and active controls for distributed environmental management systems, and he is the co-author of a method patent for integrating weather forecast information and real-time sensor networks for these and other applications.

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