October 2, 2013

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Keith Clutter Co-Authors Article on Modeling Property Value Loss in Terrorist Bombings

HOUSTON — MMI Engineering's Keith Clutter, PhD, along with Ericka Marie Stoltz and Fred Hudson of the University of Texas at San Antonio, co-authored the article "Modeling Property Value Loss in a City Due to Terrorist Bombings" published in the IEEE Systems Journal's June 2009 issue.

The article is based on a study performed by the authors that uses a systems approach to determine property value loss due to damage from a terrorist bombing. A geometric representation of the city used as an example, San Antonio, Texas, was used along with computational fluid dynamic (CFD) technology to simulate various bombing events. With these simulations and data gathered from county property appraisal databases, the authors were able to pinpoint locations where there was extreme loss.

Keith is an associate with MMI Engineering, a subsidiary of Geosyntec Consultants. He has over 15 years of experience in thermal-fluid sciences, numerical modeling, combustion, explosions, and security engineering. In addition, Keith has developed and applied computational modeling tools for combustion, explosions and chemical/bio dispersion. He serves at the rank of Lt. Col. in the US Air Force Reserves and has a PhD from the University of Florida in aerospace engineering.