October 2, 2013

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Geosyntec Staff Co-Author U.S. Department of Defense-Sponsored Publication

GUELPH, Ontario, Canada — Geosyntec Consultants is pleased to announce that Evan Cox, Carol Aziz, PhD, PE, and Tom Krug, PEng, in its Guelph office have co-authored the publication In Situ Bioremediation of Perchlorate in Groundwater, which is part of the U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) and U.S. Department of Defense Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) Monograph Series.

Geosyntec staff are proud to be primary authors or co-authors on five of the 11 chapters in In Situ Bioremediation of Perchlorate in Groundwater:

  • Chapter 2: "Development of In Situ Bioremediation Technologies for Perchlorate," Evan Cox
  • Chapter 4: "Perchlorate Sources, Source Identification and Analytical Methods," Carol Aziz and Paul Hatzinger
  • Chapter 6: "Active Bioremediation," Paul Hatzinger, Charles Schaefer, and Evan Cox
  • Chapter 7: "Semi-Passive In Situ Bioremediation," Tom Krug and Evan Cox
  • Chapter 10: "Cost Analysis of In Situ Perchlorate Bioremediation Technologies," Tom Krug, Christopher Wolfe, Robert Norris, and Carrolette Winstead

Evan is a principal remediation scientist with 20 years of demonstrated experience in the development, feasibility evaluation, and application of innovative in situ remediation technologies, including monitored natural attenuation, enhanced in situ bioremediation, in situ chemical oxidation, and metal-catalyzed reduction of chlorinated and recalcitrant chemicals in subsurface environments. As part of his in situ remediation research, development, and implementation work, Evan has authored over 30 professional publications and articles regarding the degradation of hazardous contaminants in subsurface environments, and has co-authored multiple guidance documents and educational courses on these subjects. He earned his Master's and Bachelor's degrees from the University of Waterloo in microbiology as well as biology/geology, respectively.

Carol is a senior environmental engineer with over 16 years of experience specializing in the remediation of groundwater and soil contaminated with recalcitrant compounds. Carol also authored BIOCHLOR, a widely-used natural attenuation model for chlorinated solvent plumes, and has served as co-principal investigator on several SERDP/ESTCP applied R&D projects. She earned a Doctoral degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, and Master's and Bachelor's degrees in chemical engineering and applied chemistry from the University of Toronto.

Tom is a chemical engineer with 24 years of experience in environmental engineering consulting. His experience includes the development of innovative strategies for the remediation of complex sites, including: in situ bioremediation for perchlorate and chlorinated solvent impacted groundwater; in situ permeable reactive barriers; innovative source treatment/removal technologies for dense non-aqueous phase liquids; thermal treatment for PCB-contaminated soils; and monitored natural attenuation. He received his Master's and Bachelor's degrees in chemical engineering from Queens University.