May 20, 2024

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Rodolfo Sancio Presents at the First EAGE/SUT Workshop

Rodolfo Sancio, PhD, PE, DGE (Texas), will speak at the first EAGE/SUT Workshop on Integrated Site Characterization for Offshore Renewable Energy. He will present “Discussion on the Interrelationship of Cone Factors for CPT Data Interpretation” at 4:00 p.m. EDT on May 22, 2024, as part of the “Advances in Site Investigation Techniques” Session and will co-chair the session “Advances in Geotechnical Engineering” at 1:15 p.m. on May 23. Rodolfo also served on the technical committee for the event.

The EAGE/SUT Workshop will be held at Convene at One Boston Place, in Boston, Massachusetts. Geosyntec is a sponsor of the event.

Rodolfo is a Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer with more than 20 years of experience focused on geohazard management, geotechnical site investigations, site development and ground improvement solutions, and foundation analyses for large industrial facilities and civil construction. His practice often supports onshore and offshore projects for the energy sector. This work requires relies on his combined knowledge and experience on soil and rock mechanics for geotechnical characterization and analyses; geotechnical earthquake engineering; engineering applications of geomorphology; and hazard, vulnerability, and risk mitigation.

To enhance understanding between geotechnical and geoscience communities, the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) and Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) Workshops will be held at locations around the world. They will serve as a unique technical platform to tackle challenges and progress toward genuinely integrated site characterization and foundation design to support renewable energy.

EAGE is the largest global community of research and industry geo-professionals. Membership includes those who address topics including sustainable use of oil and gas, geothermal energy, and minerals; integrity of infrastructure foundations; assessment of groundwater conditions; environmental protection; geohazards prevention; agriculture; and archaeology.

SUT is a learned society that brings together organizations and individuals with interests in underwater technology, ocean science, and offshore engineering. Members in more than 40 countries come from industries including the offshore hydrocarbon sector, offshore renewables, marine autonomous systems, and related policy, law, and insurance sectors.


Discussion on the Interrelationship of Cone Factors for CPT Data Interpretation
Undrained shear strength of fine-grained soils (e.g., clays) in onshore and marine environments is commonly estimated from in situ test measurements, such as the cone penetration test (CPT) using a cone factor. The cone factor is developed from calibration of the CPT data with laboratory shear strength tests on samples. Similarly, the preconsolidation stress of the soil is typically estimated by geotechnical engineers from CPT test calibrated with laboratory test data using a second cone factor. These two cone factors have to be consistent with the normalized shear strength parameters of the clay, and as such the cone factors are likely to be stress (i.e., depth) dependent. However, it is not common for geotechnical engineers to verify that the undrained shear strength cone factor and the preconsolidation stress cone factor are compatible with each other or stress dependent.

Understanding the applicability and accuracy of correlations between CPT data and undrained shear strength is paramount to slope stability analysis and fit-for-purpose designs for foundations founded on the seafloor. This presentation describes the joint development of cone factors for undrained shear strength and preconsolidation stress using examples of clayey soils with varying stress history from onshore and offshore environments using a comprehensive database of high-quality CPT measurements and geotechnical laboratory test data.

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