October 10, 2023

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Geosyntec and Chemours Awarded NGWA Outstanding Groundwater Remediation Project Award for 2023 for Gravity-Powered PFAS Remediation

Geosyntec and Chemours, under the leadership of Chris Shores, PE; Jim Deitsch, PhD, PE; Matt Vanderkooy, PG, PGeo; and Kevin Garon of Chemours, were awarded the Outstanding Groundwater Remediation Project Award for 2023 from the National Groundwater Association (NGWA). The award​ recognizes a single project each year that best represents outstanding science, engineering, or innovation in the area of remediating groundwater.

Geosyntec is supporting Chemours in their efforts to reduce the loading of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to the Cape Fear River in North Carolina. Geosyntec designed and implemented a time-critical interim remedy that treats groundwater seeps impacted by PFAS. The interim remedy needed to be designed, permitted, constructed, and operational in only six months. Geosyntec met this ambitious goal by developing a sustainable, passive, gravity-powered in situ remedy, known as a “flow-through cell,” or FTC. The FTCs have been removing approximately 99.5 percent of PFAS since December 2020. To date, the FTCs have treated over 400 million gallons of impacted groundwater seepage and captured over 600 pounds of PFAS. The FTC interim removal action is correlated with a measurable decrease in downstream river PFAS concentrations.

Awards will be presented during the 2023 NGWA Groundwater Week in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 5 through 7, 2023.

Chris is a Principal Engineer based in Pennsylvania with more than 15 years of civil and environmental engineering experience designing and implementing in situ and ex situ remedies for manufacturing and governmental clients. He specializes in delivering interdisciplinary work on a critical-path schedule with substantial coordination of private, regulatory, and public stakeholders.

Jim is a Senior Principal Engineer based in Georgia with more than 25 years of experience focused on site remediation, remediation system design, water and wastewater treatment system design, and execution of design-build and construction management at risk projects. His experience includes sites regulated under RCRA, CERCLA, state-led, and voluntary cleanup programs.

Matt is a Principal Contaminant Hydrogeologist based in Ontario with more than 12 years of experience focused on complex multidisciplinary challenges with a specialization in managing and directing PFAS contamination investigation and remediation programs. He addresses projects in Louisiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, and elsewhere in the United States.

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