September 13, 2023

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Geosyntec Announces Winners of 2023 Student Paper Competition

Geosyntec is pleased to announce and congratulate the winners of our Fourteenth Annual Student Paper Competition. Each year, we honor and support top students who are studying the field of groundwater. We send our sincere thanks to all applicants and their supporting professors.

The winner of the 2023 competition is Jinhee Part of Princeton University. Jinhee’s paper is, “Optimizing Groundwater Bioremediation: PAA Coated Iron Phases for PFOA Treatment.” The first-place prize is $1000 or an all-expenses-paid trip to REMTEC 2023.

Congratulations, Jinhee!

The two second-place winners were named this year. Emma Payne of the University of Colorado Boulder was chosen for the paper, “Far-UVC for UV Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Impaired Groundwater,” and Lingfei Fan of the University of Massachusetts Lowell was chosen for “Developing an Acetylene Sampler to Enable Quantitative Assessment of Long-term Abiotic Transformation Rates of Chlorinated Solvents.” Second-place winners each received $500.

Congratulations, Emma and Lingfei!

Three third-place prizes, of $300 each, were also awarded. Ivy Kwok of the University of California Los Angeles was honored for “One Man's Trash is Another Bug's Treasure: Degradation of 1,4-Dioxane by Native Landfill Microorganisms.” Veronica Lima Gonsalez of Tufts University was honored for “Process-based Model to Describe Treatment of Nitrate-rich Groundwater.” And Toluwalase Deborah Ojeyemi of Texas Tech University was honored for “Influence of Prymnesium parvum on Daphnia magna Bacterial Communities and Their Filtration Ability.”

Congratulations, Ivy, Veronica, and Toluwalase!

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