August 16, 2023

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Geosyntec Staff Contribute to the 2023 Georgia Environmental Conference

Geosyntec will support the 2023 Georgia Environmental Conference through a Gold Sponsorship, exhibition booths, and technical contributions. The event will be held at the Jekyll Island Convention Center in Jekyll Island, Georgia, August 23 through 25, 2023.

Geosyntec speakers are Nicole Sthur, PE, Andrew Montgomery, PE, Bill Gaffigan, Adria Reimer, PG, Tom Wurzinger, PE, Jared Eubanks, PE (Georgia), Stephanie Owen (Tennessee), Doug Maddams (Virginia), Amy Dzialowski (Oklahoma), and Jacques Smith (Tennessee) of SiREM.

Visit the Geosyntec team at booth 106 and the SiREM team at booth 104.

The Georgia Environmental Conference is a large and comprehensive environmental education event held each year. The conference expects to welcome roughly 700 attendees, including government officials, business and industry leaders, attorneys, engineers, landowners, architects, energy experts, water-planning-district employees, academics, public health officials, solid waste experts, and others with a strong interest in environmental activities in Georgia and the southeastern United States.

Geosyntec Participation

Title: 1.3 Nontechnical Risks and Sustainability Considerations with Brownfield Redevelopment
Speakers: Doug Maddams
Date and Time: 1:15 to 2:30 p.m. EDT on August 23, 2023
Description: This presentation will provide an overview of corporate sustainability, or ESG, and how such issues can affect the siting and implementation of brownfield projects; the talk will address risks from proposed development and redevelopment. It will look at measures companies should use to identify, mitigate, and manage risks, such as identifying and engaging with stakeholders to avoid delays and increased costs, relying upon ESG risk-management processes. The presentation will also address growing anti-ESG sentiment and how it can affect the success of risk-management programs.

Title: 4.6 Economy: Environmental Infrastructure Billions
Moderator: Nicole Stuhr
Speakers: Stephanie Owen and Bill Gaffigan
Date and Time: 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. EDT on August 24, 2023
Description: This presentation will explore how the economy intersects with environmental and infrastructure spending. Economists Bill Gaffigan and Stephanie Owen will provide a macro-level take of the national and Georgia economies by looking at key economic indicators. Then they will dive into an overview of Georgia’s environmental outlook by exploring climate change and other environmental factors. Last, they will discuss the relationship between economy and environment by exploring how billions of dollars are being allocated at the federal and state levels for environmental programs and infrastructure projects.

Title: 6.4 Brownfield Rails-to-Trails Drives Economic Development in Gainesville, GA: Planning Bites
Moderator: Andrew Montgomery
Speakers: Tom Wurzinger and Amy Dzialowski; Jessica Tullar (City of Gainesville), Tasha Hall-Garison (City of College Park); Derek Street (Stantec)
Date and Time: 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. EDT on August 24, 2023
Description: In 2008, the City of Gainesville acquired a Recreational Trails Grant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and used the funds to acquire a former rail line from CSX Transportation (CSXT) in conjunction with CSXT’s rails-to-trails program. The property was subsequently enrolled in the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s brownfield program, and necessary remediation proceeded. The land was developed as part of a 14-mile walking trail and park system. This brownfield rails-to-trails project was the catalyst for over $300 million of private and non-City government investments in the area. This success has encouraged the Gainesville to purchase a connecting former rail line that will also be enrolled in the brownfield program. This talk will address how a community can leverage a USEPA brownfield grant to align site reuse with local economic, infrastructure, social, and environmental conditions. When it comes to brownfield redevelopment projects, timing and sequencing are critical to maximize benefit and momentum. Small early wins can be particularly valuable in building stakeholder support, demonstrating organizational capacity, and creating opportunities for bigger wins. Because every community has unique revitalization goals, successful brownfield redevelopment comes in many forms.

Title: 6.6 Properly Handling Your Problem Child: The Multifaceted Approach to Tackling Large Site Cleanup
Moderator: Adria Reimer
Speakers: Jacques Smith; Brendan Gerber (Geo Lab Drilling); Jennifer Tilton (Arcadis)
Date and Time: 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. EDT on August 24, 2023
Description: Large complex sites with co-contaminated plumes usually require robust strategies to achieve their remediation goals. To design successful in situ remediation, one must consider, geochemistry, soil/bedrock matrices, the limitations of inhibition, and numerous other factors. This session discusses how advanced injection strategies and passive sampling techniques can lead to improved remedial performance; speakers will present two case studies and offer various approaches for knocking out chloroform-contaminated groundwater. This is one talk that won't put you to sleep!

Title: 7.2 Stormwater Management Challenges for Solar Development Projects Moderator: Nicole Stuhr Speakers: Jared Eubanks; Kimberly Hale (KMCL) Date and Time: 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. EDT on August 24, 2023 Description: Solar farm developments have increased in Georgia as the state diversifies energy sources to include more green energy. These developments have unique characteristics with regard to stormwater management and erosion control, since many are impervious solar panels laying on top of grass pastures. How solar farms are designed and constructed can negatively impact streams, lakes, and wetlands, if careful stormwater and erosion control does not occur. This session will discuss regulatory changes, best practices in design and construction, and innovative collaborations with agriculture, all of which keep the environmental preservation at the heart of green energy projects.

Geosyntec Donation

Throughout and beyond the region, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center helps rehabilitate wildlife, save endangered species, and protect coastal spaces. Through their commitment to education, rehabilitation, and research, the Center connects people of all ages to sea turtles, and to nature more generally, to inspire them to embrace lifelong conservation values.

In lieu of giveaways, Geosyntec Consultants has contributed $1,000 to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on behalf of the Jekyll Island Foundation. Please consider visiting and supporting the Georgia Sea Turtle Center during your trip to Jekyll Island.

More Information

About the event: Georgia Environmental Conference

For consultation regarding brownfield redevelopment, bioremediation, stormwater at solar farms, the economics of environmental infrastructure projects, and many other issues involving environmental engineering, contact Adria Reimer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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