June 16, 2023

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2023 Remediation Innovative Technology Seminar (RITS) hosted by NAVFAC EXWC

The 2023 Remediation Innovative Technology Seminar (RITS) is occurring throughout June and July 2023. The RITS is NAVFAC’s showcase for the latest environmental restoration technologies, methodologies, and guidance news. The subject matter experts who will be presenting at the 2023 RITS are Ryan Fimmen, PhD, and Kyle Carlton, PG, of Geosyntec, Steve Saville, PG, and Patty White, PG, of Jacobs, and Travis Lewis, PE, Rebecca Cardoso, PG, Ramona Iery, PhD, John Kornuc, PhD, and Nicolette Andrzejczyk, PhD of NAVFAC EXWC.

2023 RITS Presentations:

  • Best Practices and Risk Management Options for Metal-Impacted Sites – Ryan Fimmen
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling and Horizontal Wells to Enhance Remediation at Complex Sites – Kyle Carlton
  • Innovations in Munitions Response Investigations – Steve Saville
  • Using Surface-Area Weighted Average Concentrations (SWACs) to Optimize Sediment and Soil Remedies – Patty White
  • Comparison of Vapor Intrusion Screening and Mitigation Technologies – Travis Lewis and Rebecca Cardoso
  • Best Practices for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Sampling and Data Interpretation – Ramona Iery, John Kornuc, and Nicolette Andrzejczyk