June 13, 2023

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Geosyntec Discusses the Latest in Industrial Stormwater Treatment

Geosyntec staff will present at the 2023 Managing Stormwater in Oregon conference in Salem, Oregon, on June 14, 2023. Geosyntec’s moderators and panelists include Marc Leisenring, PE (Portland), Joey Hickey, PE (Portland), Ariel Mosbrucker, PE (Portland), Jack Lisin (Portland), and Christian Nilsen, PE, PMP (Seattle).

Geosyntec is sponsoring the event, which is hosted by the Northeast Environmental Business Council. The council convenes regulated companies, solution providers, and government agencies to explore current topics, best practices, and the most effective solutions in stormwater management.


  • How to Avoid Triggering a Tier 2 Corrective Action (Marc Leisenring, Ariel Mosbrucker)
    Geosyntec will host this panel discussion on innovative strategies to prevent Tier 2 corrective actions in industrial settings. It will focus on how to develop effective Stormwater Pollution Control Plans (SWPCPs) and explore the use of cost-efficient stormwater treatment systems. Panelists from Geosyntec, Clean Water Services, and the Port of Portland will analyze the treatment of pollutants commonly found in industrial sites and delve into the process of selecting appropriate treatment methods and alternative approaches that align with regulatory requirements.

  • Treatment System Retrofits in Challenging Industrial Settings (Joey Hickey, Jack Lisin)
    Geosyntec will host a panel discussion on the importance of upgrading existing treatment systems in industrial facilities to make them more effective and more resilient against increased storm flows. These upgraded systems must be tailored to fit within challenging industrial settings; this work necessitates meticulous coordination and comprehensive advanced planning. Panelists from Geosyntec, PBS, and Clear Creek Systems will their share experiences and lessons learned from a range of projects.

  • Emerging Contaminants in Stormwater (Christian Nilsen)
    Geosyntec joins panelists from the City of Gresham and Port of Portland to discuss the how to meet the myriad regulatory, legal, and technical challenges protecting the environment from stormwater pollution.

About Managing Stormwater in Oregon. Designed by environmental professionals from across the region’s consulting, legal, regulatory, policy, and regulated industries, the four-track, twelve-session agenda will address the many issues and challenges in the fast-changing environmental landscape for stormwater professionals.

Attendees can earn continuing education credits and network with stakeholders in the stormwater sector. The event includes a trade show where the region’s top service and technical stormwater solution providers will be available with informative presentations and information about their products and services. Learn more at https://oregonstormwater.com/

About Northwest Environmental Business Council. Northwest Environmental Business Council represents northwest businesses working to protect, restore and sustain the natural and built environment. NEBC is a nonprofit trade association that represents the interests of its members, while promoting the health of the industry and the environment as a whole. Formed as a regional organization in 1996, NEBC is the recognized for advocating for science-based regulation, for its supportive policies and tax structures, for its work increasing knowledge, and for promoting best practices.

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