May 8, 2023

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Geosyntec Contributes Significantly to the Battelle International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies

As in previous years, Geosyntec will make a substantial technical contribution to Battelle's International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies at the Austin Marriott Downtown in Austin, Texas, on May 8 through 11, 2023. Our staff will co-chair several sessions, conduct seven platform presentations, and co-present five poster presentations.

The Bioremediation Symposium is a forum for the scientific community to share innovative tools and technologies, research results, practical experiences, and advances in bioremediation. The program reflects the growing body of knowledge about better ways to manage contamination using state-of-the science data collection, analysis, and visualization, along with novel approaches in remedy design and implementation.

The 2023 program includes sessions and panel discussions focused on emerging contaminants, characterization and management of PFAS, strategies to mitigate climate change, dynamic regulatory frameworks for emerging contaminants, classical bioremediation technologies, tools for natural attenuation and sustainability, and robotic technologies used in the environmental space.

Geosyntec Participation

Symposium Steering Committee Member

Wendy Condit (Geosyntec)

Session Co-Chairs

Session: E2, Sustainable Remediation Assessment Tools
Co-Chair: Wendy Condit (Geosyntec)

Session: D1, Innovative Tools for Evaluating Vapor Intrusion Risk
Co-Chair: Todd McAlary (Geosyntec)

Session: E6, Bioremediation of Munitions Constituents
Co-Chair: Rula Deeb (Geosyntec)

Panel Moderator

Panel: PFAS Program Management in a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Environment
Co-Moderator:: Rula Deeb (Geosyntec)

Platform Presenters

Title: B10, Enhancing 1,4-Dioxane Bioremediation at Low Concentrations by Combining a Metabolic Degradation Culture with Adsorbents
Authors: Chao Zhou, Brian Petty
Presenter: Chao Zhou (Geosyntec)

Title: C6, Development of an Adaptive Framework for Optimizing Bioremediation Implementation at a Fractured Bedrock Chlorinated Solvent DNAPL Site
Authors: Julie Konzuk, Frederic Cosme, Cory Repta, Cathy Crea, Michelle Cho, Travis Teoh
Presenter: Julie Konzuk (Geosyntec)

Title: D4, Advancements in Remediation Performance Assessments at Complex Sites with Incorporation of Advanced Data Analytics and Innovative Characterization Tools
Authors: Julie Konzuk, Michelle Cho, Cathy Crea, Lisa D’Agostino, Carol Cheyne, Lange Jorstad
Presenter: Julie Konzuk (Geosyntec)

Title: D1, Building Pressure Cycling to Document Due Care Compliance in Brownfields Redevelopment
Authors: Theresa Gabris, Sam Baushke
Presenter: Theresa Gabris (Geosyntec)

Title: E5, Can We Apply a Site-Specific Ecological Risk Assessment Framework for Microplastics?
Authors: Theresa Gabris, Rachel Zajac-Fay, Jason Conder, Tina Liu, Zach Panelides 
Presenter: Theresa Gabris (Geosyntec)

Title: E7, Biostimulation to Promote Total Nitrogen Loss in a Coastal Aquifer
Authors: Brent Lazenby, Frederic Cosme, Julie Konzuk
Presenter: Brent Lazenby (Geosyntec)

Title: C4, Microcosm Evaluation of TCE Degradation in Fractured Rock in Response to Amendments
Author: Hao Wang
Presenter: Hao Wang (Geosyntec)

Poster Presenters

Title: A1, Sulfidated Zerovalent Iron: An Innovative ISCR Technology for Discrete Source Remediation
Authors: Dimin Fan, Heather Rectanus, Neal Durant
Presenter: Dimin Fan (Geosyntec)

Title: C4, Paired Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation and In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Chlorinated VOCs in a Fine-Grained Aquifer
Authors: H. Dawson, W. Wertz, T. McAlary, and T. Gabris
Presenter: Mary Margaret Allen (Geosyntec)

Title: E8, Enhancing Remedial Performance Assessments at Complex Sites Using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis and Molecular Biological Tools
Authors: Julie Konzuk, Carol Cheyne, Lisa D’Agostinoe
Presenter: Julie Konzuk (Geosyntec)

Title: E9, Investigating Groundwater: Surface Water Interaction using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Technology
Authors: Sung-Woo Lee, Heather Tahon, David Adilman
Presenter: Sung-Woo Lee (Geosyntec)

Title: A11, Toluene-Producing Bacteria from Sediments and Groundwater of the Southeastern U.S.
Geosyntec Co-Author: Morgan L'Hoste
Presenter: William Moe (Louisiana State University)

More Information

About the event:
Symposium program: 2023 Battelle Bioremediation Symposium
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