December 15, 2022

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Geosyntec Staff Coauthored an Article on Desktop Waste Characterization in Waste Advantage

Marc Rogoff, Ph.D., Sarah Gustitus-Graham, P.E., Ph.D. (Florida), Montana Meeker (Georgia), and Sean O'Donnell, P.E., Ph.D. (Maryland), coauthored "Desktop Waste Characterization Studies: An Alternative to Traditional Trash Dives" in Waste Advantage Magazine's December 2022 issue.

Mark Jackson, Pensacola's sustainability coordinator, was also a coauthor.

The article, which appeared in the planning and analysis section of the issue, addresses whether a desktop study can be effective and can be conducted in lieu of a traditional trash dive is based on the assumption that the composition of a waste stream is determined by human behavior and resources. Waste characterization studies are often a first step to gauge whether a new program for waste diversion should be implemented.

A team of four Geosyntec staff members in three offices, all authors of the article, helped develop the method for desktop review and completed such a study for the City of Pensacola to help the City decide whether an organics management project made sense for their community. This project showed that desktop waste characterizations are a valuable new tool that can provide useful, reliable results with lower cost, less time, and fewer hazards. And they smell better too!

With a circulation of 60,000, Waste Advantage is a monthly publication dedicated to covering all of the solid waste and recycling industry, providing readers with the latest news, best practices, and information on equipment and technology. Key audiences include municipal and private sector executives and operations managers in the areas of collection, transfer stations, recycling, landfills, waste conversion, and C&D activities throughout North America.

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