October 31, 2013

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Helen Dawson Joins Geosyntec in Virginia

Helen Dawson, Ph.D., has joined Geosyntec as an environmental engineer, geochemist, and senior consultant based in Virginia. She brings to the firm more than 35 years of experience in public service, private industry, and academia.

Dr. Dawson's practice focuses on a wide range of technical disciplines, including groundwater characterization and contaminant fate and transport modeling related to the spread of dense non-aqueous phase liquids, chlorinated solvents, and metals in the environment.

Notably, Dr. Dawson is among the nation's practice leaders in the field of vapor intrusion. She was the primary author of the U.S. EPA's Office of Solid Waste Emergency Response (OSWER) Draft Guidance for Evaluating the Vapor Intrusion to Indoor Air Pathway from Groundwater and Soils in 2002. She also was the primary investigator and author on two key technical documents that support vapor intrusion assessment: one on background indoor air concentrations in residences and another on the subsurface-to-indoor air attenuation at vapor intrusion sites.

Prior to joining Geosyntec, Dr. Dawson was chief of OSWER's Superfund Science Policy Branch. In this role, she was responsible for developing Superfund program policy and guidance incorporating scientific advances in characterization and cleanup at contaminated sites throughout the nation. She also served as the Regional Hydrogeologist for the Rocky Mountain Region 8 Superfund program, with the responsibility of ensuring the EPA's policies were followed at all the Region's Superfund groundwater and vapor intrusion sites.

Learn more about Helen Dawson in the Our People section of the Geosyntec website. Contact Dr. Dawson in Falls Church at 720-244-3779 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..