August 8, 2022

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Annika Wallendahl Presented on Energy Transition and Business Section Disruption at the Pacific Northwest Environmental Industry Summit

Annika Wallendahl Presented on Energy Transition and Business Section Disruption at the Pacific Northwest Environmental Industry Summit.

Annika Wallendahl, P.E., L.G. (Washington) was a panelist during the session "Energy Transition and Business Section Disruption" at the Pacific Northwest Environmental Industry Summit VI, in Seattle, Washington, on July 20, 2022.

Joining Annika as a panelist was Melissa Malstrom from K&L Gates.

Annika is a Principal Engineer based in Washington with more than 20 years of experience focused on energy transition, environmental compliance, sustainability, and environmental engineering. She specializes in helping industrial clients by providing environmental compliance strategy, conventional and renewable energy solutions, and regulatory support related to emerging carbon and greenhouse gas legislation in the northwestern United States.

The title of this year's summit was "Energy Transition and Environmental Markets in the Northwest in the 2020s: A Strategic Review and Executive Networking Event." It was presented by Environmental Business International, Inc. (EBI) and the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC).

EBI is a publishing and research company that generates strategic market intelligence on emerging opportunities in the environmental industry and the climate change industry. With 32 years of environmental market research and analysis in all key industry segments, EBI provides proprietary information for executives, investors, policymakers and management consulting firms in the form of business journals, environmental industry summit meetings, research reports, webinars, news updates, and statistical data packs.

NEBC represents businesses in northwestern United States working to protect, restore and sustain the natural and built environment. It advocates for science-based regulation, supportive policies and tax structures, the dissemination of knowledge, and the adoption of best practices. Membership includes engineers, consultants, contractors, scientists, lawyers, product and technology providers, insurers, project developers, financiers, architects, and business support professionals.

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