July 18, 2022

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Bill Gaffigan, Giorgio Castro, and Montana Meeker to Present on Inflation and Municipal Solid Waste Systems at the 2022 SWANA Florida Summer Conference

Bill Gaffigan, CVA, MBA (Georgia); Giorgio Castro (Ireland); and Montana Meeker (Georgia) will present "The Impact of Inflation on Municipal Solid Waste Systems" at the 2022 SWANA Florida Summer Conference at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida on July 25-27, 2022.

Bill Gaffigan is a Principal Environmental Manager based in Georgia with more than 20 years of experience focused on environmental valuation, litigation support, business transactions, and strategic business consulting. He is also director of the Geosyntec Environmental Valuation and Consulting Practice. In the U.S., Bill is one of the few certified valuation professionals with extensive experience spanning a wide range of segments in the environmental industry. His client base spans the green technology, clean technology, wastewater treatment, hauling, solid waste, recycling, composting, medical waste, sludge, methane, and liquefied natural gas sectors. He has evolved his practice by cultivating relationships through successful transaction, valuation, and litigation support projects. Bill has been qualified as an expert witness and has provided testimony in state, federal tax, and federal bankruptcy courts.

Giorgio Castro is a Senior Staff Professional working for Geosyntec's Maryland branch with experience in financial analysis and financial modeling focusing on solid waste and large infrastructure projects. Giorgio is experienced in various areas of solid waste management, specifically in the performance of rate studies, waste characterization studies, landfill liabilities management and valuations, fleet and equipment analysis and assessments, and complex long-term financial planning/budgeting models. Through his time at Geosyntec, he has supported major recent solid waste advisory projects, including both municipal and private clients, playing a key analytical role in creating car-models for waste diversion, yard waste management, landfill airspace and remaining capacity analysis, and capital expenditures estimation. In addition to consulting, Giorgio is a SWANA member and has both practical and academic experience with sustainability and recycling projects, and impact investments.

Montana Meeker is a Staff Professional for the Solid Waste Advisory practice and is a five-year SWANA member who has worked internationally in sustainability operations and finance roles in Dublin, Ireland and Shanghai, China. Montana is experienced in solid waste and project management across the public and private sectors. She spent three years optimizing recycling and sustainable waste management processes for the City of San Antonio as a member of their Solid Waste Planning and Innovation Division. Montana's solid waste advisory background has been primarily focused on the improvement and evaluation of municipal solid waste systems.

SWANA is an organization of professionals committed to advancing from solid waste management to resource management through their shared emphasis on education, advocacy, and research. The SWANA Florida Sunshine Chapter was founded in 1978 with seven members. They are now the largest single SWANA chapter, serving more than 600 members statewide.

The SWANA Florida 2022 Summer Conference is the premier solid waste conference and tradeshow in the southeast U.S., held July 25-27, 2022, at the Naples Grande Beach Resort. The conference offers the opportunity to network with and learn from some of the best minds in the solid waste industry. It will be the perfect combination of Sun, Sand and Solid Waste.


Inflation has hit a 40-year high in America. Some experts believe it may have peaked while others think it indicates a longer-term trend. Regardless, municipal solid waste managers would like to understand how it may impact their departments and for how long. Periods of inflation are very challenging but much easier to absorb if mechanisms and strategies are in place to make adjustments to rates, levels of service, or operational efficiency in order to preserve reserve funds. Yet collectively, we have not had to manage periods of high interest rates and high inflation. "The Impact of Inflation on Municipal Solid Waste Systems"  presentation will provide historic and recent price data and trends to inform the audience on the impact and outlook of inflation on municipal solid waste systems. Bill, Giorgio, and Montana will discuss how solid waste departments are responding to current inflationary pressures and additional strategies for managing projects and budgets. In addition, they will present the results from Geosyntec's recent solid waste rate survey to share insights on how inflation has impacted municipal rate setting.

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