April 28, 2022

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Geosyntec to Support 2022 Gulf of Mexico Conference

Geosyntec is a supporting sponsor and will host a booth at the Gulf of Mexico Conference (GoMCon) at the Raising Canes River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on April 25–28, 2022.

Geosyntec will host Booth 12 at the event. Geosyntec personnel in attendance will include Nandra Weeks, P.E., Mollie Taylor, (Florida), Amanda Taylor, P.E., (Louisiana), and Heath Hansell, P.E. (South Carolina).

Nandra Weeks is a Senior Principal Environmental Engineer based in Florida with more than 30 years of professional experience focused on the engineering and remediation issues associated with environmentally-impaired property redevelopment. She also specializes in the design and implementation of environmental compliance and site remediation programs at municipal solid waste landfills, coal combustion product disposal sites, and other properties.

Mollie Taylor is a Senior Staff Scientist based in Pensacola with experience in environmental compliance, stormwater and water quality, and natural resource management. Mollie has contributed to several landmark projects, including the award-winning Tiawasee Creek Watershed Management project in Daphne, Alabama.

Amanda Taylor is an Engineer with extensive experience in the design and construction of coastal restoration projects. Her experience includes developing cost estimates and scopes of work for data collection; conducting design calculations, including tidal datum, relative sea level rise, and dredge volume calculations; and producing design reports, construction bid documents, and presentations to stakeholders.

Heath Hansell is a Waterfront Engineer based in South Carolina who focuses specializes in coastal engineering. His project experience encompasses beach and inlet management programs, coastal structures, marinas and waterfront development, and coastal resiliency and flood mapping projects. Though he primarily works in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean, Heath has been involved in projects throughout the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

GoMCon combines the annual Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) All Hands Meeting, the annual Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystems Science Conference, and the triannual State of the Gulf Summit. The focus of GoMCon emphasizes the intersection of scientific research and the management of human and natural systems in the coastal region. This conference seeks to promote the integration of science and management into decision-making. GoMCon offers researchers, coastal resource managers, and interested stakeholders an opportunity to collaborate on managing the precious natural resource that is the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance is the regional ocean partnership for the Gulf of Mexico. They focus on enhancing the environmental and economic health of the Gulf of Mexico through increased collaboration. Led by the five Gulf states, their network includes more than 150 participating organizations from state and federal agencies, tribal governments, communities, academia, nongovernmental organizations, and industry.

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